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  • daFUNdamentals : Make Sure To Put FUN In Your Day DaFUNdamentals Way (DVD)


    Solomon Ward, born with a rare neurological disorder that causes slight autism, wrote a song for his dad, Award-winning director Jon Ward, entitled The Buddy Song. Jon took the song and, for Solomon’s birthday, reached out to Grammy Award-winning songwriter Randall Crawford to turn The Buddy Song into a full-fledged song. Led by the Spirit, the two turned one special piece into a complete series, daFundamentals, which teaches mathematics, science, history, and life lessons.

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  • Icons Of Evolution (DVD)


    Bonus DVD features:
    *10 questions to ask your Biology teacher
    *Experts answer frequently asked questions about Evolution
    *Recommended Web resources
    *Recommended book resources
    *Chapter selection

    Additional Info
    Are students learning the whole truth about Darwin’s theory of evolution? According to a growing number of scientists, the surprising answer is no. They claim that many of the most famous Icons of Evolution – including Darwin’s Tree of Life, finches from the Galapagos Islands, and embryos that look remarkable similar – are based on outdated research and sloppy logic. They say students are being hurt by the failure to present both sides of an emerging scientific debate over Darwin’s theory.

    Come explore this fascinating new conflict over evolution in the classroom – a conflict based on science, not religion. Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin.

    From the Galapagos Islands to China, Icons of Evolution will take you on a fast-paced, fascinating journey into one of the most controversial issues in today’s public arena.

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