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Category: Cults and The Occult

Cults and The Occult

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  • Halloween (DVD)


    The Word For Today is pleased to present a brand-new Halloween DVD featuring Pastor Chuck Smith with co-host of Pastors Perspective, Don Stewart.

    Join Pastor Chuck as he answers America?s questions and concerns regarding the most popularly celebrated holiday, next to Christmas.

    This new DVD discusses the origins and roots of Halloween, the meaning behind rituals and practices, and the always-asked question: should a Christian take part in this celebrated tradition.

    Features Include:

    ? Background and origins of the pagan practices and occults associated with Halloween

    ? The Scriptures that testify to the significance of demons and those who practice demonologies

    ? What the Bible has to say about Magic, witchcraft, sorceries, spiritism, and demonic practices

    ? Today?s relevance of the effects of Halloween in our nation and the effect it has on our society and culture

    ? Pastor Chuck responds to questions asked by those who doubt the harms associated with Halloween.

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