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  • My IBible Voice Only Digital Bible Player Narrated By Stephen Johnston


    The Hendrickson My-iBible is a small simple audio device which makes it easy to listen to God’s Word wherever you go.

    The device comes loaded with the complete text of the Bible. The New American Standard Bible translation is read by award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston.

    * Complete audio text of the Bible in a lightweight, simple device
    * No computer needed
    * Simple device cannot be erased accidentally
    * Memorization aid: can be set to repeat books, chapters, or your choice of segments
    * Rechargeable. Package includes charger
    * Comes with headphones; external speakers can also be used

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  • My IBible Voice Only Digital Bible Player Narrated By Stephen Johnston


    For years the Hendrickson My-iBible has been providing people with a simple and enjoyable way to listen to the Bible, wherever they go. And now this popular line has been redesigned and repackaged for increased useability and function.

    The larger, sleeker, and more intuitive design now features its own speakers, so users can listen to the Scriptures out loud, anywhere. And like before, it contains the complete Old and New Testaments, is self-contained, and does not require a computer. The package includes the device, headphones, a charger, and a user guide.

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