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  • 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager


    Today’s teenagers are the most anxious, creative, and diverse generation in history–which can make it hard for us to relate. And while every teenager is a walking bundle of questions, three rise above the rest:
    – Who am I?
    – Where do I fit?
    – What difference can I make?

    Young people struggle to find satisfying and life-giving answers to these questions on their own. They need caring adults willing to lean in with empathy, practice listening, and gently point them in the direction of better answers: they are enough because of Jesus, they belong with God’s people, and they are invited into God’s greater story.

    In this book, which is based on new landmark research from the Fuller Youth Institute and combines in-depth interviews with data from 1,200 diverse teenagers, Kara Powell and Brad M. Griffin offer pastors, youth leaders, mentors, and parents practical and proven conversations and connections that help teenagers answer their three biggest questions and reach their full potential.

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  • 99 Thoughts For College Age People


    The transition from high school to college is usually the most dramatic in young people’s lives. In this humorous and thought-provoking resource, Chuck Bomar offers up pearls of wisdom gained over years of personal and professional experience. It’s great as a graduation gift, as a college freshman small group discussion starter, or as any number of other uses. However you put it to work, you’ll be sure to save some young adults some pain, money, and from foot fungus.

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  • 99 Thoughts For Junior Highers


    Life for a typical junior high is awesome. And hard. And fun. And exciting. And boring. And crazy. Basically, it’s a blur of all those things-and more!

    Junior high truly is a season of ups and downs, of possibilities and confusion, of amazing memories and embarrassing moments. To get through it all, young teenagers sometimes just need a little help-or 99 bite-sized bits of help!

    Mark Oestreicher and Brooklyn Lindsey-veteran youth pastors who’ve worked with middle schoolers for many years-have teamed up to create 99 Thoughts for Junior Highers, an insider’s guide to the wild ride of early adolescence.

    Students will explore nuggets of rich wisdom, including all the changes they’re experiencing, figuring out what they believe, where God and church fit into the picture, how to best interact with family and friends, and deciding what really matters most in life. And they’ll encounter true stories from both authors about their own junior high years!

    Whether you’re a parent or a youth worker, 99 Thoughts for Junior Highers will entertain, engage, and encourage the middle schooler in your life.

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  • 99 Thoughts For Small Group Leaders


    Lives are changed. Decisions are made. Jokes are shared. Lifelong friendships are formed.

    If you’re a small group leader, you probably ask yourself lots of questions. Am I making a difference? Am I wisely investing my time, energy, and resources? How can I maximize my impact in these kids’ lives?

    Find the answers you’re looking for in 99 Thoughts for Small Group Leaders. Like other books in our 99 Thoughts series, Joshua Griffin’s latest book delivers insights, tips, and veteran advice for small group leaders. When put into play, these bite-size, consumable pieces of wisdom can help leaders knock it out of the park, setting them up to win.

    If you’re a small group leader, you’ll come back to this book again and again for encouragement, inspiration, and direction.

    And if you’re a leader of leaders, you’ll want to put this book into the hands of every small group leader-an investment in their lives and the lives of students in your youth ministry.

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  • Best Ever Games For Youth Ministry (Revised)


    This amazing book is filled with classic fun! The Game Guy is geared up and ready to give you tons of great games-including some brand-new ones-that are easy to pull off and field-tested with teenagers in many settings.Here’s what you’ll get: – Classic games with new twists – Indoor and outdoor games – Games that teach – Games that build community in your groupThe book includes ideas on how to: – Lead games – Select games – Save games gone badYou also get: – Supply lists – Tips and bonus ideas – Notes on group sizes Plus, this legendary games expert exposes some of the worst games every played, and shares his philosophy of fun when working with teenagers. You’ll be equipped to lead young people with the best collection of games-ever!

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  • Beyond Suffering For The Next Generation Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Beyond Suffering for the Next Generation: A Christian View on Disability Ministry will equip young people to think critically and compassionately about the complex issues that impact people with disabilities and their families, and inspire them to action. Students who embrace this study will gain a sense of confidence in knowing they are part of a growing worldwide movement that God is orchestrating to fulfill his command in Luke 14:21-23: Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame so that my house will be full.

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  • Forged Faith Refined Volume 7 Leader Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    The Forged: Faith Refined, Volume 7: Thrive Leader Guide features 13 easy-to-use, low-tech sessions without media. Preteens and leaders will have discussions on who the Holy Spirit is, how to discover and use their spiritual gifts, how to pray, and more as they learn to thrive as followers of Jesus. Purchase one for each leader.

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  • Generation iY Updated And Expanded 5th Anniversary Edition


    SKU (ISBN): 9780996697002Tim ElmoreBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2015Publisher: Elevate Entertainment

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  • Gods Not Dead 2 Student Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    This four-week study guide written specifically for students by author Rice Broocks will help youth answer one of the most important questions featured in the movie God’s Not Dead 2: Who do you say I am? Lead your small groups and youth groups to discover what they truly believe in, and give them a foundation to defend their faith even in the midst of opposition. For use with the God’s Not Dead 2 Student DVD-based Study.
    The four weekly topics are:

    Lesson 1: Searching for Answers
    Lesson 2: Understanding the Evidence
    Lesson 3: Passing the Test

    About the film, in theaters nationwide on April 1, 2016:
    From the college classroom of GODS NOT DEAD to the public square in GODS NOT DEAD 2, the name of Jesus is welcomed less and less with each passing day. If Christians don’t take a stand today, will we even have a choice tomorrow?
    When a Christian teacher is asked an honest question about Jesus, her reasoned response lands her in big trouble. As the principal and superintendent join forces with a zealous civil liberties group, an epic court case could expel God from the classroom and the public square once and for all!

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  • Grow Down : How To Build A Jesus Centered Faith (Student/Study Guide)


    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    That might be one of the worst questions anyone could ever ask a teenager. Our society pushes you to grow up, to stand on your own two feet, to chase after meaningless pursuits. But what if there was a better way to grow, a better path to follow, a richer life to lead?

    Grow Down is built around the idea that there is a better way to grow: by rooting yourself through a life centered in Jesus. Using Colossians 2:6-7 as a backdrop and a tree as a visual, this book envisions a generation that chooses to be un-adulterated. That’s the priority for author Ken Castor, who has worked with teenagers and young adults for more than 20 years.

    Like a tree, a follower of Christ must root deeply into Jesus, find all nourishment to stand strongly through life in him, and then naturally impact others with fruit and shade, protection and life-breathing air. As you grow down into Jesus, you’ll draw up the resources you need to stand through any pressures, and then you’ll overflow with an abundance of life that this grownup world so desperately needs.

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  • Growing In Godliness


    The teenage years are prime for developing beliefs and habits that will serve as a foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus. Young women need to be prepared theologically for the practical challenges that will come during their teen years-challenges such as finding a sense of belonging, fluctuating emotions, and making decisions about their future. Through 10 practical lessons on topics related to identity in Christ, trusting God’s sovereignty, the importance of the church, the place of emotions, and more, this winsome book will teach girls how to seek maturity in Christ as they navigate the teenage years-setting them up to grow in godliness throughout the rest of their lives.

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  • Inklings On Philosophy And Worldview


    Teens live in a complicated world. They are constantly bombarded by messages from their friends, parents, teachers, the internet, and their churches, and not all of these messages agree or line up with each other. How do students figure out who to listen to? How do they figure out what is true?

    Inklings on Philosophy and Worldview will show teens practical ways to filter out the wrong messages and focus on what is real. Using teachings from highly respected, loved, and well-known writers, teacher Matthew Dominguez will show teens the power of story as he guides them through a study of world religions, philosophies, and worldview, and gives them a firm foundation to stand on as they prepare to face the world.

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  • Legacy Of Youth Ministry


    This is a brief, God-centered texbook that sheds light on the Sunday school movement in the church and uncovers strategies about God’s intended program for educating youth spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically.

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  • Life Questions Every Student Asks


    Every student asks questions about life beyond the classroom:
    *What does it mean to be in community?
    *How can I discern my vocation?
    *How should I understand marriage and sex?
    *How should I relate to money and power?
    *What happens if I doubt my faith?
    *How should I approach interfaith dialogue?

    To help students navigate these questions about some of life’s most pressing and difficult issues, Gary M. Burge and David Lauber, coeditors of Theology Questions Everyone Asks, have gathered insights from Christian faculty who draw on their own experiences in conversation with students during office hours and over coffee. Sometimes, the deepest learning takes place outside the classroom.

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  • New Breed : Understanding And Equipping The 21st Century Volunteer (Expanded)


    The world of volunteers has changed. But have you changed, too?

    Across the country, volunteer ranks continue to grow, but people are volunteering differently. They’re working online, seeking flexible schedules, and pursuing a role in defining how projects should be completed. They want to feel a sense of responsibility for your organization’s overall mission.

    Put simply, these volunteers don’t want to simply make a contribution; they want to make a difference!

    Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee have tapped into their decades of experience with the simple goal of helping you recruit, manage, and lead the new breed of volunteers. They’ll guide you to a clearer understanding of what today’s volunteers look like, how they want to get involved, and how you can most effectively attract, train, and unleash them within your organization.

    You’ll also discover a bounty of helpful resources to assist you, including job descriptions, applications, and interview questions; activities, icebreakers, and team-builders for volunteer meetings; community-building activities; and tips for board retreats and planning sessions.

    The 21st century calls for a new system and for a greatly expanded definition of what it means to be a volunteer. If you can harness this passion and potential, you’ll experience results that will reward both your organization and your volunteers.

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  • Plan To Protect US Edition


    A protection plan for children and youth;
    A protection plan for those who work with them.

    Plan to Protect (TM) is not about what we need to do to run programs and activities, and it is not about placing a hardship on your staff and volunteers. Abuse prevention and protection of children and young people is not something we have to do, but something we have the privilege of doing. It is a privilege to create a safe environment in order to have our communities trust us with their family members.
    As you implement Plan to Protect (TM) your efforts are a ministry in itself to:

    protect children

    protect young people

    demonstrate your care for your staff and volunteers

    demonstrate care to parents and family members

    empower and nurture the healing of victim-survivors

    demonstrate grace, restoration and welcome to the offender that comes into your church

    demonstrate accountability and integrity and

    bring Glory to God

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  • Practical Wisdom For Youth Ministry


    You have the passion it takes to serve in youth ministry, but where do you start?

    All youth ministers have asked this question to themselves at least once in their career: What do I do now? Practical Wisdom for Youth Ministry is a practical, concise starting point to help answer that question and many others. This resource is packed with expert advice and personal testimony to support and encourage ministers and volunteers working with youth.

    Practical Wisdom for Youth Ministry addresses many pressing issues for youth ministers with straightforward steps that are both biblically grounded and easy to apply. It discusses large-scale concerns such as organization, budgeting, and outreach, as well as personal concerns such as marriage, self-care, and conflict. For new and veteran youth ministers, David Fraze offers the necessary tools to help build a strong foundation for effective, powerful ministry.

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  • Quick Scripture Reference For Counseling Youth (Revised)


    Drugs and alcohol. Self-injury. Eating disorders. Puberty. Suicide. Sexual purity. These are just a few of the challenges facing teens and young adults today. This concise, topical guide to the Bible is the perfect tool for parents and youth pastors wanting to provide scriptural guidance to youth regarding the issues they face in their formative years. Now updated, revised, and expanded with new topics.

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  • Regroup Group Leader Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    Youth group leaders long to help every child in their church, but they often don’t have the time, energy, or training to process life with the students who need help the most. The Regroup: Group Leader Guide prepares youth pastors, interns, and volunteers to become trustworthy leaders-ready to launch a 12-week program for kids dealing with addiction, abuse, or past trauma.

    The Regroup: Group Leader Guide is designed to equip leaders to launch a program in their ministry quickly and easily with no prior experience needed. It includes complete two-week volunteer training, along with resources that help leaders identify and support group mentors. Interactive resources include information on counseling referrals, emergency situations, and how to get parents involved. Marketing resources and design assets help youth leaders promote Regroup within their church so they have more time to invest in the kids themselves.

    This comprehensive guide is designed for leaders who are ready to start helping hurting students but feel overwhelmed or under prepared. Relevant for every size church and denomination, Regroup focuses on the needs of the whole person by combining psychological research, group coaching techniques, and an emphasis on forgiveness made possible by Jesus. Simply put, this vital resource has the power to change generations as it comes alongside vital leaders in the church.

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  • Team Mate Teen Planner Youth Version


    The Right Tool for Implementing Youth TEAM Evangelism. This pocket-sized booklet offers teens a fun and convenient method of praying for and following up on the progress of friends and relatives they wish to see come to Christ. Your teens will enjoy learning the principles of team evangelism, the importance of faithful prayer, and the benefit of keeping a record of those for whom they are praying. This booklet will encourage teens to touch the lives of their prospects by spending time with them and helping meet their practical needs.

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  • What Do I Do When Teenagers Struggle With Eating Disorders


    Adolescent development expert and counselor Steven Gerali addresses the issue of teen eating disorders in this book from the What Do I Do When… series, which is designed to equip parents and youth workers to help teens who are hurting.

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