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  • 40 Questions About Roman Catholicism


    Straightforward answers about Roman Catholicism for a Protestant audience

    The Roman Catholic faith is one of the world’s most widespread religious traditions, yet the unique aspects of Roman Catholicism elicit perennial questions from adherents and outsiders alike. Such questions tend to fall into three major categories: historical backgrounds, theological matters, and personal relationships. Using Catholic Church documents and the writings of Catholic scholars, Baptist systematic theologian Gregg Allison distills the teachings of Catholicism around forty common questions about Catholic foundations, beliefs, and practices. The accessible question-and-answer format guides readers to the issues that concern them, including:
    * Where do Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs differ?
    * What happens during a Roman Catholic Mass?
    * How does Roman Catholicism understand the biblical teaching about Mary?
    * Who are the saints and what is their role?
    * How can my Roman Catholic loved ones and I talk about the gospel?

    40 Questions About Roman Catholicism explores theology and practice, doctrine and liturgy, sacraments and Mariology, contributions and scandals, and many other things, clarifying both real and perceived differences and similarities with other Christian traditions.

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  • Struggling With Evangelicalism


    When evangelicals make a mess, who cleans it up?

    Many today are discarding the evangelical label, even if they still hold to the historic tenets of evangelicalism. But evangelicalism is a space, not just a brand, and living in that space is complicated. As a lifelong evangelical who happens to be a biracial Asian/white millennial, Dan Stringer has felt both included and alienated by the evangelical community and has wrestled with whether to stay or go. He sits as an uneasy evangelical insider with ties to many of evangelicalism’s historic organizations and institutions. Neither everything’s fine nor burn it all down, Stringer argues that we need four postures to grapple realistically and redemptively with evangelicalism. Without awareness, we don’t know our identity. Without appreciation, we risk succumbing to cynicism. Without repentance, we capitulate to idolatry. And without renewal, future generations will find this space even less inhabitable. This even-handed guide offers a thoughtful appreciation of evangelicalism’s history, identity, and strengths, and also lament at its blind spots, toxic brokenness, and complicity with injustice. From this complicated space, we can move forward with informed vision rather than resignation, and with hope for our future together.

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  • What Is Creation Science


    The creation/evolution issue permeates every field of academic study and every aspect of life. Everyone is affected and everyone should know the facts.

    Presents the scientific evidence for both creation and evolution, leaving out any religious or philosophical arguments.

    Reveals Creation Science as a perfectly valid area of scientific study

    Reviewers of What is Creation Science? have reported a coomplete change of mindset after reading this powerful text.

    The late Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Gary Parker are former evolutionists whose convictions were changed after thorough study. Dr. Morris provided a detailed scientific explanation of creation and evolution in the area of physics and cosmology while Dr. Parker reveals the facts in the areas of biology and paleontology.

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