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  • All Roads Lead To Home


    Kathleen has discovered something magical in every province of this grand country, Canada. She sees the beauty in God’s gifts to us: the mountains, the valleys, the trees, and the rivers and lakes, which have all inspired her poetry. Most poems are spiritual, some are for children, and some are just plain silly. Come and journey through the hills of Ireland, the cities of Ontario, and the majestic mountains of British Columbia with Kathleen’s poetry. She hopes you find something to warm your heart.

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  • Babys Hug A Bible


    In this soft and cuddly book, little ones will find a collection of ten Bible poems to read and reflect upon in the morning, throughout the day, or right before bedtime. This is the perfect introduction for very young children to the lessons of the Bible.

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  • Between You And Me


    Within these pages of poetry, readers are given a unique glimpse into the covenant bond between Abba Father and beloved child, an intimate relationship developed over years of joys and sorrows. These words will bring comfort, encouragement and inspiration to all.

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  • Catharsis Reflections Of Emotions


    Burkhart Books
    Emotions are sometimes as hard to deal with as the experience itself. Catharsis is one man’s attempt to deal with the powerful emotions felt during the brightest and the darkest days of life. Catharsis is the record of the experiences that shaped him in his younger years, and made him the man he came to be. The author’s emoting in poetic style are intended to aid the reader to find their own freedom from the past and joy in daily life.

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  • God Speaks Through Wombs


    birthing prophetic utterances. . . . Enough of this unbelieving religion that masquerades as faith. Divine favor is placed on what we have disgraced.

    In God Speaks Through Wombs, Drew Jackson explores the first eight chapters of Luke’s Gospel in a new poetic register. These are declarative poems, faithfully proclaiming the gospel story in all its liberative power. Here the gospel is the fresh words / that speak of / things impossible. From the Magnificat (That girl can sing! . . . She has a voice / That can shatter shackles) to the baptism of Christ (I stepped in / Committing insurrection), this collection helps us hear the hum of deliverance–against all hope–that’s been in the gospel all along.

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  • Kenyons Living Poems


    An inspiring collection of sacred and secular poems by E. W. Kenyon.

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  • Manger


    There is a legend that describes how, at midnight on Christmas Eve, all creatures are granted the power of speech for one hour. In this rich collection, Lee Bennett Hopkins and a dozen other poets imagine what responses they might offer. The poems represent adiverse group of animals, but all come together with one singular purpose: celebrating the joy of the miraculous event.This collection of graceful poems provides readers with a Nativity story unlike any other — at times gently humorous, at timesprofound, but always inviting readers to appreciate the wonder of Christmas. This book is a perfect gift for the holiday season.

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  • Poems From God


    More than sixty years ago, God gave Eleanor Vinton a dream to write and publish a book of poems. Through the years several attempts were made to do that. All her efforts failed, despite the fact that He continued to give her poems. During the twenty-five years she walked away from Him, God continued to give her poems. Eleanor felt that God wanted these included in this book for others to identify with so that they, too, may enter His healing and find the abundant life of His magnificent love, joy and peace. In the fall of 2016, Eleanor felt that God was saying, Now is the time to publish the poems I have given you. Even now, God is saying to the people that it is the time to plunge into His presence and sing the song of A Soul Set Free.

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  • Timeless Christmas : A Collection Of Classic Stories And Poems


    This holiday season, give the readers in your life a beautiful collection of timeless Christmas stories and poems they will surely cherish for years to come.

    In this giftable and beautifully packaged anthology, readers will discover lesser-known but tender stories and poems from classic authors they know and love. Each selection honors the spirit of the season and celebrates the beauty, mystery, and joy found this time of year.

    This charming book collects works from literary favorites Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, O. Henry, Christina Rossetti, and more. Each story and poem has been lovingly selected to celebrate the heart of the season and to gently remind readers of the true meaning of Christmas.

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  • Vintage Christmas : A Collection Of Classic Stories And Poems


    During the hectic Christmas season, slow down with these heartwarming stories from some of literature’s most beloved writers.

    In this collection, readers will discover lesser-known but tender stories and poems from classic authors they know and love. Each selection celebrates the beauty, mystery, and joy found in the season that commemorates Christ’s birth.

    A Vintage Christmas includes stories from Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark Twain, L.M. Montgomery, and Selma Lagerlof, as well as poems from John Milton, Christina Rossetti, William Makepeace Thackeray, Anne Bront, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

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  • When First I Heard The Whisper


    When First I Heard the Whisper is a collection of poems written over the span of 15 years. Fred Causley draws inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit through ordinary day-to-day situations, from driving down the highway to paying bills. The book is formatted as a devotional with a short discussion on the left page that inspired the poem which is placed on the right page. Bible references are included as a backup to theological points found in the poem. The references are provided to encourage the reader to go to God’s Word to check them out for themselves.

    Each poem is written in a rhyming style that makes the meaning fairly easy to understand, especially if the reader has even a passing acquaintance with the Bible.

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