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  • 5 Simple Steps To Financial Freedom


    As a young and naive pastor, Dan Willis maxed out twenty-three credit cards and ruined his credit to support his ministry. It wasn’t until massive debt caused the cards to stop working that he realized that God never asked him to do this. Through his candor and honesty, Dan reveals the five steps God showed him to get out of debt: stop spending, create a budget, develop a debt payoff plan, begin saving, and repair bad credit. This led him to becoming a thriving and financially-free ministry. Now, Dan is on a mission to teach this to the world. Using biblical principles, but not relying on miracles or name-it-and-claim-it theology, Dan provides easy-to-follow, practical steps that can be used by anyone to escape financial bondage. Finally, he encourages readers to use their financial freedom to help others and advance God’s kingdom, and to use their newfound fiscal wisdom to store up wealth. Without shaming those who struggle financially, 5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom is the perfect combination of spiritual wisdom and practical advice for those who desperately need it.

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  • Beyond Blessed : Gods Perfect Plan For No Financial Stress


    As a follow-up to his bestseller The Blessed Life, Pastor Robert Morris offers biblical principles to reach your financial goals and abundant living. Who doesn’t want to eliminate financial stress? Who doesn’t want to get out of debt, reach their financial goals, experience the joy that God intends for us, and be free to bless others with their resources?In The Blessed Life, Pastor Robert Morris teaches that generosity is a key component to being in God’s favor. Now, in BEYOND BLESSED, he shares the importance of being a good steward, not only with your finances, but with every part of your life. Pastor Morris will motivate you to become a better manager of your money, and provide practical lessons on taking your finances to the next level. Through Biblical principles, personal stories, and incredible testimonies, you will learn how to be a good steward, and that when you properly manage your finances, blessings will pour into all areas of your life. Here is a guide to increasing and going further with what God has given you, and living beyond blessed.

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  • Biblical Principles For Releasing Financial Provision


    Biblical Principles for Releasing Financial Provision! Is a remarkable resource that is all at once a gift, tool, and mantle. You will find that this study will be a true gift for anyone. As a tool, this material will help build and edify disciples of Christ, with apostolic doctrine. And a mantle, as God covenants to bless those who live out the principles of giving revealed in this book. Step forward and receive the gift, took, and mantle!

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  • Daniel Fast For Financial Breakthrough


    Bestselling author Susan Gregory, the popular Daniel Fast Blogger, has helped countless readers discover renewed physical, mental, and spiritual health through the 21-day Daniel Fast. Now, in The Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough, she leads us on a journey to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting while learning to honor God with our finances. Filled with a detailed fasting framework, more than 70 new recipes, a meal planner, and a 21-day devotional to guide you through the fast, The Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough will help you seek God’s guidance for your financial life. You’ll discover both a healthy approach to financial freedom and a healthy dependence on God’s provision.

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  • Dave Ramseys Complete Guide To Money


    If you’re looking for practical information to answer all you How? What? and Why? questions about money, this book is for you. Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave’s money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt, and invest. You’ll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most important element of all-giving.

    Topics Covered: Super Saving, Relating With Money, Cash Flow Planning, Dumping Debt, Credit Sharks In Suits, Buyer Beware, Clause and Effect, That’s Not Good Enough, The Pinnacle Point, From Fruition To Tuition, Working In Your Strengths, Real Estate and
    Mortgages, Give Like No One Else.

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  • Declaration Of Financial Independence


    In our culture many corrupted ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been promoted and accepted for so long that they bear the superficial appearance of being right. Americans design lifestyles and build financial plans around these ideas without realizing oppression lies just beneath their surface-a tyranny far worse than the British Crown ever stamped on us. By exploring the causes and the destructive effects of excess, A Declaration of Financial Independence is a rallying cry for preserving our sacred freedoms. It empowers the reader with a Biblical perspective for financial decision-making and reveals the secret of contentment in an age of unprecedented-but often unfulfilling-wealth. This one-of-a-kind composition is principled, clever and instructive. From Jesus to Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister), the book uses Scripture, history, statistics and personal anecdotes to expose and expel a new tyrant-the Crown of Popular Culture.

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  • Empowering The Giving Of Your Church (Student/Study Guide)


    Renew the giving power of your congregation with Empowering the Giving of Your Church. This one-day course is an intense spiritual, mental and practical encounter. Find your spirit empowered and receive a brand new faith for the giving spirit of your church. Many valuable insights are included as Frank Damazio imparts his extensive knowledge and experience on giving in the local church.

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  • Faith Family And Finances


    America faces high unemployment, huge debt, and a collapsing housing market. Author Henry Fernandez believes that we are facing the consequences of our abandonment of godly standards. You can free yourself from debt and overcome fear by returning to God’s plan for your success. Your faith, finances, and family can have abundance in all areas of your life.

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  • Faith For Finances


    My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

    God is not poverty-stricken, and He does not produce poverty-stricken children. The Bible abounds with promises that God will open the windows of heaven, satisfy us, shower down blessing on us, provide for us, replenish us, and prosper us. Yet, despite all these powerful promises, Christians don’t always know how to receive His provision. Now, from the inspirational writings of E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett comes a book to help you excellently receive all that God has for you by daring to stand on the promises for financial blessing and success found in God’s Word. You will understand…
    *How to stop worrying about finances
    *How to get a better job
    *How to become a joyful giver
    *How to pray and get results
    *How confession leads to possession
    *How God can work miracles in your life

    When you were born again, you were not born to be defeated. You were born to be a conqueror. Declare the truth of Romans 8:37: I am more than a conqueror through Christ! Think victory, not defeat. Speak triumphant words, not words of failure. Act like a conqueror, for in Christ, you are!

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  • Family Finance Handbook


    With insights gained from twenty-five years in business and ministry, the authors impart to the reader biblical principles of stewardship and financial management. Readers learn how to get out of debt and are carefully guided through the investment process in this comprehensive and well-crafted resource.

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  • Family Finance Workbook Student Edition (Workbook)


    Based on the contents of the Family Finance Handbook, this workbook assists the student to establish a solid understanding of the major principles of finances including: God’s economy, man’s stewardship, decision-making, money management, lifestyle choices, and investing.

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  • Family Finance Workbook Teacher Edition (Teacher’s Guide)


    Based on the contents of the Family Finance Handbook, this workbook assists the student to establish a solid understanding of the major principles of finances including: God’s economy, man’s stewardship, decision-making, money management, lifestyle choices, and investing.

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  • Family Financial Workbook (Workbook)


    Finances are the leading cause of marital breakdown and strife. Countless families give the false impression of being wealthy while drowning in a sea of debt. Family Financial Workbook is the best tool a family can have to manage their finances with God’s direction. With a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow worksheets, practicality is key feature of this great resource.

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  • Financial Freedom : How To Manage Your Money Wisely


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596369412June HuntBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2014Hope For The HeartPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Fireman And The Waitress


    The story of The Fireman and The Waitress is an analogy for the process of Dessanomics a process developed to help maximize wealth and most efficiently manage debt and tax burden. The Fireman and The Waitress were clients of Dessa s, and early on in their relationship, Dessa realized that this particular couple was an iconic representation of most of her clients. They were both in their late 40s, making a good living at jobs they enjoyed, and while they were making regular contributions to an RRSP and making accelerated payments on their mortgage, they were running out of money before they ran out of month! They had a mortgage, credit cards and a line of credit, and despite all their success, it seemed like they just weren t getting ahead. Using Dessanomics, and the money they used to pay to their bank and the government, The Fireman and The Waitress were able to turn their financial lives around. Now they are living comfortably with more cash flow, a reduced tax burden and a mortgage that will be paid in half the time! They re paying themselves first, and they re looking forward to an active, financially stable retirement. There are a lot of books about financial planning on the market today. This book is different it doesn t feel like you re putting your money on a diet! This book is for everyone who wants to make a million dollar difference in their lives, without giving up living in the process.

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  • Generosity Secret : How To Get Out Of Debt And Find Financial Freedom


    For too many Christians, financial stress is a stumbling block to living the abundant life God offers. Crushing debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck, and constant feelings of financial fear should not be the norm for those who love God and want to honor him in every way.

    The Generosity Secret provides a proven strategy to break free from the financial stress that’s keeping you from pursuing your passions and living a joy-filled life. This systematic approach to handling money in a God-honoring way guides you step-by-step away from a life of financial strain to a new reality of financial health and freedom. It teaches you how to:
    – get out of debt–and stay out
    – set smart goals for spending, saving, and giving
    – live and give in a fulfilling way- and much more

    Are you ready to stop stressing about money? Ready to replace anxiety and fear with a healthy financial plan that honors God? Ready to start living and giving in a fulfilling, God-honoring way? Then you’re ready for The Generosity Secret.

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  • God Is Able Textbook


    A book to help you see how God Is Able to meet your needs! Learn to be a better steward and discover what stewardship is all about! It’s not fundraising, but management. Created to accompany the God Is Able stewardship education month.

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  • How To Gain Control Of Your Finances


    Contains 6 weeks of daily devotional studies including a devotional reading, questions for reflection, a prayer and action steps for moving closer to a Total Quality Life. Financial security has nothing to do with the size of your bank account. With these biblical principles and practical guidance, you can learn to live well, give well, and realize true satisfaction.

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  • Journey Through Financial Crises When The Bottom Line Matters


    From Back of Book: What do you do when the economy craters around you? How has the crisis in the value of your home and your 401K attacked your sense of well-being? Realizing your kinship with the One from whom all blessings flow allows you to discover how to joyously and gratefully tap into resources you may not have been aware of before. The devotionals in this book are built around this exact theme. they are about thriving spiritually when the bottom line on which our lives have been built seems to have been swallowed up in the financial and political chaos of the age. Each daily entry is intended to challenge yu to peace in the midst of financial storms, confidence in the midst of uncertainty and generosity that can come only fro recognizing that He, not our balance sheet, is our Source. Whether you read from the Introduction to the Afterword or start anywhere in between, enjoy the journey. It’s one I believe you’ll find encouraging and enlightening. So go ahead and jump in. There is more than enough for those who believe. You have His Word on it. Dave Keesling

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  • Keys To Financial Excellence


    Do you struggle week after week just to make ends meet? Do you wish you could give more to God’s work but end up giving the bare minimum? Many people miss the path to true prosperity because they are seeking it through incorrect ideas and false promises. The way to true abundance in all areas of your life is to discover and live in God’s economy. The Bible is filled with hundreds of truths, examples, and principles about how we are to handle our money and our relationships. These scriptural laws and illustrations give us the keys to pleasing God, reflecting His giving nature, and receiving His generous abundance in our lives. Author Phil Pringle has put these biblical truths and illustrations into bite-sized portions that you can grasp easily and apply to your life today. From his personal experience in receiving the overflow of God’s blessings, Pringle show you how to put these dynamic principles into practice. Keys to Financial Excellence is a life-changing treasure that will enable you to experience the fullness of abundant living. Discover a prosperity that will transform your life.

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  • Managing Gods Money


    Money is often a taboo subject in polite society. But did you know that Jesus talked about money more than any subject—including heaven and hell? In this easy-to-follow Q&A version of Money, Possessions & Eternity, Alcorn deals with materialism, stewardship, prosperity theology, debt, and more—and challeges you to rethink your use of God-given resources.

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  • Marriage Challenge : A Finance Guide For Married Couples


    God has a plan for your marriage and your money. It starts with a challenge. Will you accept?

    For many couples, the collision of marriage and money is the beginning of relational havoc. But does it have to be this way?

    What if the collision of marriage and money no longer tore couples apart but brought them together? What if money was no longer a topic to argue about but a topic around which couples rallied? What if the collision of marriage and money actually helped couples find contentment and purpose?

    In The Marriage Challenge: A Finance Guide for Married Couples, financial expert and author of The Money Challenge Art Rainer takes you on a journey to a financially healthy marriage. Get started on the right foot, or get back on the right track, by accepting the challenge and realizing God’s design for money and marriage.

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  • Mentalidad De Millonario


    Usted necesita esto. Va a llevarle al siguiente nivel!
    T. D. Jakes

    Todo el que est bajo esta enseanza ungida]] ser plenamente equipado para recoger en la cosecha de los ltimos tiempos!
    Rod Parsley

    Recomiendo sinceramente a Gary Whetstone!
    Morris Cerullo

    Dios ha decretado riqueza para los que le aman!

    Cree que es la voluntad de Dios bendecirle? Imagine su vida si experimentara la realidad de la promesa de Dios en Proverbios 10:22: La bendicin de Jehov es la que enriquece, y no aade tristeza con ella.

    La Palabra de Dios contiene principios todopoderosos e inmutables diseados para gobernar sus circunstancias. Cuando usted se pone en consonancia con su Palabra, esos principios le bendicen perpetuamente y proporcionan libertad en cada rea de la vida.

    Permita que Mentalidad de Millonario le ayude a…

    Entender sus dones y talentos

    Descubrir y perseguir la visin que Dios le ha dado

    Pasar del no es suficiente a la tierra de las promesas de Dios

    Ver ms all de sus limitaciones

    Crear un bombeo de efectivo de riqueza perpetua

    Desencadenar ideas creativas para prsperas aventuras de negocio

    Encontrar una carrera que le emocione

    Aprender los secretos de Abraham y sus descendientes, para poder depositar y retirar recursos ilimitados de su cuenta celestial a fin de cumplir el sueo que Dios puso en su corazn

    Descubra los secretos sobre cmo desatar las bendiciones de Dios para su familia, y cmo generar riqueza para el reino de Dios mediante su propia prosperidad!

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  • Millionaire Mentality : Gods Principles For Generating Wealth


    You need this. It’s going to take you to the next level!
    T. D. Jakes

    All who sit under this anointed teaching]]will be thoroughly equipped to gather in the end-time harvest!
    Rod Parsley

    I wholeheartedly recommend Gary Whetstone!
    Morris Cerullo

    God Has Decreed Wealth for Those Who Love Him!

    Do you believe it is God’s will to bless you? Imagine your life if you experienced the reality of God’s promise in Proverbs 10:22: The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

    God’s Word contains all-powerful, never-changing principles designed to rule your circumstances. When you align yourself with His Word, these principles bless you perpetually and provide freedom in every area of life.

    Let Millionaire Mentality help you to…

    *Understand your gifting and talents
    *Discover and pursue your God-given vision
    *Step up from not enough to the land of God’s promises
    *See beyond your limitations
    *Create a cash pump of perpetual wealth
    *Spark creative ideas for prosperous business endeavors
    *Find a career that excites you
    *Learn the secrets of Abraham and his descendants, so that you can deposit and withdraw unlimited resources from your heavenly account in order to fulfill God’s dream in your heart.

    Discover the secrets of how to release God’s blessings for your family, and how to generate wealth for the kingdom of God through your own prosperity!

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  • Money Before Marriage (Workbook)


    Introductory Notes From Larry
    Chapter 1:
    Finances: The Doorway To Intimacy
    Chapter 2:
    Discovering Your Personality Profiles
    Chapter 3:
    Hoarding Or Overspending: Discovering Your Tendencies In Money Management
    Chapter 4:
    Creating Your First Budget
    Chapter 5:
    Straight Talk From Larry On Marriage
    Chapter 6:
    The Pastor’s Guide

    Additional Info
    Because you deserve the best in your marriage, now you can disarm two of the most potent threats to your upcoming marriage: mismanagement of money and poor communication. You can do this by putting Money Before Marriage to work for you.

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  • Provision Sobrenatural


    Dios sana a los creyentes no solo fisicamente, emocionalmente y espiritualmente, sino tambien financieramente. Hablando por experiencia personal en vencer las dificultades financieras, la autora de exitos de ventas Joan Hunter comparte sabiduria biblica y le muestra como:
    *Ver victorias milagrosas
    *Vencer la pobreza y la perdida
    *Llegar a estar libre de deudas
    *Prosperar en medio de la adversidad
    *Tener todas sus necesidades satisfechas
    *Aplicar secretos para formar riqueza
    *Prosperar en tiempos de incertidumbre
    *Abrir las ventanas de los cielos

    Usted puede caminar en las abundantes bendiciones de Dios.

    God heals believers not only physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but financially, as well. Speaking from personal experience with overcoming financial hardships, best-selling author Joan Hunter shares biblical wisdom and shows you how to:
    *See miraculous breakthroughs
    *Overcome poverty and loss
    *Become debt-free
    *Prosper in the midst of adversity
    *Have all your needs met
    *Apply wealth-building secrets
    *Thrive in uncertain times
    *Unlock the windows of heaven

    You can walk in God’s abundant blessings.

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  • Redeeming Money : How God Reveals And Reorients Our Hearts


    Money is a powerful thing. It can propel a person’s life in one of two opposite directions: a path of blessing and joy, or a path of danger and destruction. Debunking the false promises people often believe about what money can offer, best-selling author Paul David Tripp gives readers a fresh and always-relevant perspective on money through the lens of the gospel. Tripp shows that the root of money problems is not the size of a paycheck or the adequacy of a budget, but in the sin of our hearts. He ultimately directs readers to Jesus, who offers grace for every failure and provision for every need-helping them cultivate money habits marked by freedom, generosity, and joy.

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  • Richest Man Who Ever Lived


    After Steven Scott flunked out of six jobs in his first four years after college, his best friend, Gary Smalley, offered one simple suggestion that would transform his life: study a chapter in Proverbs every day. Two years later, using the amazing strategies he gleaned from Solomon Scott started a small business. In this life-changing book, Scott reveals Solomon’s often-overlooked wisdom for achieving breakthrough success in one’s work, health, marriage, and relationship with God.

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  • Smart Saver Bank


    Ramsey Press

    Teach your kids how to SPEND, SAVE, and GIVE with the Smart Saver Bank! It has been completely redesigned to make learning about money even more fun. Three compartments labeled Spend, Save, and Give make it easy for kids to budget their cash. The heavy-duty plastic and silicone top make the bank durable. Plus, the bank is transparent so kids can see their progress!

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  • Storehouse Principle : A Revolutionary God Idea For Creating Extraordinary


    Today’s world is not the same as it used to be. It is now common for people to change jobs many times during their adult lives. Millions of people are one layoff of medical emergency away from bankruptcy. Many are fearful because of financial uncertainty. This book is a practical way to revolutionize our walk with God and dispel that fear.

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  • Supernatural Finances : Heaven’s Blueprint For Blessing And Increase


    Discover the Pattern in Heaven to Financial Abundance!

    God is building His Kingdom on the Earth and He is inviting you to join Him! God has placed you in a unique sphere of influence. He’s given you gifts, talents and abilities so you can release Heaven’s solutions and strategies into the Earth. When you join in what God is doing, you will immediately step into the realm of Heaven’s abundance and blessing!

    Supernatural Finances will give you unique glimpses into the invisible realm of God’s Kingdom financial system that will help you to:
    *Clearly discern God’s will for your finances.
    *Access the battle strategies of Heaven concerning giving and receiving.
    *Decode the veil of secrecy that surrounds giving to those who cannot pay you back.
    *Identify and defeat enemies of your debt free finances future.
    *Establish a link between praying in the spirit and supernatural finances.
    *Set yourself up for supernatural favor.

    You have a supernatural advantage: access to the unlimited supply of Heaven’s economic system. Discover how to engage and partner with the Holy Spirit in your finances and step right into the greatest move of God the world has ever seen!

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  • Supernatural Provision : Living In Financial Freedom


    The Secrets to a Life of Prosperity!

    Today’s dire financial forecasts and news headlines proclaiming economic doom are enough to make anyone fearful and hopeless. Christians, however, need not rely on news reports or politicians but on the holy and powerful Word of God, which says, God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).

    Author and Christian healing expert Joan Hunter believes that just as God can heal believers physically, emotionally, and spiritually, He can also heal them financially. By embracing a mind-set of prosperity, you can overcome the spirits of poverty, lack, pessimism, and failure, and take possession of your land-resources, finances, and opportunities.

    By putting your trust in God’s supernatural provision, you will:
    *Remove hindrances to receiving financial blessings
    *Experience breakthroughs by praying for miracles
    *Overcome depression, debt, and infertility
    *Reap the benefits of giving to God’s kingdom
    *Release guilt and bitterness from your life
    *Become a living example of God’s power and goodness

    Speaking from experience with overcoming financial hardships, Joan will help you to multiply your finances and receive the resources to become all that God has created you to be.

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  • Total Money Makeover Journal


    When Dave Ramsey was experiencing his own total money makeover, he found that journaling was very helpful and effective in allowing him to see the big picture.

    Dave says, Take this journal and record everything happening that seems like a big deal. Record the relationship issues, the debt, the emotions, the setbacks, the victories, and anything else that seems important at the time.

    The immediate benefits of writing everything down are twofold. First, writing helps you process the problems and victories. The second immediate benefit of journaling is that you can reread your entry just days – even months – later and gain vital perspective on your progress.

    Now in a bullet journal format with prompts for recording victories and setbacks, The Total Money Makeover Journal will motivate those in The Total Money Makeover journey to find value in every day. Write it down. You will be glad you did.

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  • Treasure Principle : Unlocking The Secret Of Joyful Giving


    In this revised and updated edition of the best-selling book, author Randy Alcorn introduces readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity, combining thoughtful Bible exposition with highly practical applications for everyday life. This edition includes a new section that addresses some common questions and misconceptions about biblical principles for our stewardship of material resources. As you engage with the perspective-shifting truths in this book, you’ll learn that when Jesus told His followers to lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, He intended that they discover an astounding secret: how joyful giving brings God maximum glory and His children maximum pleasure.

    In Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle, you’ll unearth a radical teaching of Jesus-a secret wrapped up in giving. Once you discover this secret, life will never look the same. And you won’t want it to!

    Story Behind the Book
    After years of writing and teaching on the theme God owns everything, in 1990 Randy Alcorn was sued by an abortion clinic (for peaceful, nonviolent intervention for the unborn). Suddenly he had to resign as a pastor and was restricted to making minimum wage. Legally unable to own anything, Randy gave all his book royalties to missions work and need-meeting ministries. He and his family have experienced the reality of The Treasure Principle-that God really does own everything, takes care of us, and graciously puts assets into our hands that we might have the joy and privilege of investing in what will last for eternity.

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  • What The Bible Says About Money Pamphlet


    Hundreds of Bible passages mention money: its power and its dangers and its blessings. This pamphlet gives ten key biblical principles about money, including (1) God owns everything and has given us many blessings, (2) Everything we have came from the Lord, (3) God holds us responsible for caring for others, (4) Money is not meant to enrich ourselves or to be hoarded but to bring blessings to others, 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles.

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