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Pastoral Helps

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  • 10 Key Roles Of A Pastor


    If most pastors were pressed to describe an average day of ministry, they’d have trouble doing it. In a single day, a pastor may fill many different roles in quick succession, from counselor to theologian to student to CEO to custodian (well, let’s hope there’s usually someone else available to perform that last role). Some roles come more naturally than others, but every pastor wants to perform each role to the best of their ability.

    In The 10 Key Roles of a Pastor, church consultant Gary L. McIntosh shows pastors how to:
    – understand and juggle their many essential roles
    – prioritize their time and energy
    – manage their people’s expectations of them
    – and empower others to take up the vital work of the church body

    Pastors just starting out in ministry, as well as those who have been at it a while and find themselves overworked and overwhelmed, will value this practical resource. It is also an enlightening read for those in church leadership who would benefit from understanding the pressures their pastor faces on a daily basis.

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  • 101 Tips For Evangelism


    This book, by EvanTell founder Larry Moyer, is a practical, no-fuss guidebook for those looking to enhance their witness and become more comfortable evangelizing. 101 short, easy-to-read chapters will help readers share the good news of Christ and increase their love for those around them.

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  • 12 Women Of The Bible Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    In this 12-session small group Bible study, Twelve Women of the Bible, Lysa TerKuerst, Elisa Morgan, Jeanne Stevens and other leaders look at the spiritual lessons learned from twelve biblical women and what they mean for your life today.

    You’ll learn about the triumphs and failures of Mary Magdalene, Rebekah, Hannah, and nine other women, studying their lives and learning how to:
    *Apply biblical lessons to their own modern-day struggles
    *Live through their failures as well as successes
    *Draw near to God in a world filled with trials
    *Find lasting contentment
    *Overcome rejection and insecurity and much more

    Each of the 12 sessions focuses on one biblical character. You’ll also discover lessons from each of these women that will help you persevere through the circumstances you are facing today.

    This Study Guide features discussion questions, background information on each character, space to write down thoughts, a helpful Leader’s Guide, and much more. It is designed for use with the Twelve Women of the Bible DVD (sold separately).

    Sessions include:
    1. Eve: Finding Lasting Contentment in the Truth (Lysa TerKeurst)
    2. Rebekah: Breaking Free of Feminine Stereotypes (Jonalyn Fincher)
    3. Leah: Overcoming Rejection and Insecurity (Naomi Zacharias)
    4. Hannah: Surrendering in Waiting (Amena Brown)
    5. Abigail: Dealing with Confrontation in Relationships
    6. Gomer: Learning to Accept Unconditional Love (Jeanne Stevens)
    7. Mary, Mother of Jesus: Moving from Comfort to Courage (Jeanne Stevens)
    8. Mary Magdalene: Transforming from Outcast to Follower (Jonalyn Fincher)
    9. Mary of Bethany: Putting Our Faith into Action (Elisa Morgan)
    10. Martha: Finding Our Identity in Jesus (Amena Brown)
    11. The Woman at the Well: Turning Our Messes into Messages (Lysa TerKuerst)
    12. The Syrophoenician Woman: Approaching God with Persistency and Boldness (Naomi Zacharias)

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  • 14 Tests All Leaders Must Face


    In this book, the reader will discover fourteen tests God administers to release the full potential of those He anoints. These often-difficult trials of Christian leaders include the tests of motivation, time, servitude, and character. Readers will be encouraged to know that God uses these tests not to tear them down, but to increase their capacity and strength through a deeper relationship with Him.

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  • 2 Steps Forward Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    The women of Sensible Shoes encounter new adventures and roadblocks in their spiritual journeys in Two Steps Forward. With this study guide, you can explore your own next steps as you dive into the book’s spiritual formation themes along with Mara, Meg, Hannah, and Charissa. In this eight-week study guide you’ll find daily Scripture readings, reflection questions, and spiritual practices designed to help you be attentive to the invitations of the Holy Spirit. Each week concludes with discussion questions and suggested practices for reading groups to do together. Individually or with a group, you are invited to meet with God and find encouragement for the path ahead.

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  • 20 20 Bible Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    Christine Caine is passionate about seeing every woman equipped to live her life on mission for Jesus.

    In this 7-session study, you’ll develop a new understanding of how God sees you and has chosen you to help make Jesus’ name known on this planet. Through biblical teaching and lessons from her own life, Christine will challenge you to share the story of how God’s love has transformed your life right where you are.

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  • 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager


    Today’s teenagers are the most anxious, creative, and diverse generation in history–which can make it hard for us to relate. And while every teenager is a walking bundle of questions, three rise above the rest:
    – Who am I?
    – Where do I fit?
    – What difference can I make?

    Young people struggle to find satisfying and life-giving answers to these questions on their own. They need caring adults willing to lean in with empathy, practice listening, and gently point them in the direction of better answers: they are enough because of Jesus, they belong with God’s people, and they are invited into God’s greater story.

    In this book, which is based on new landmark research from the Fuller Youth Institute and combines in-depth interviews with data from 1,200 diverse teenagers, Kara Powell and Brad M. Griffin offer pastors, youth leaders, mentors, and parents practical and proven conversations and connections that help teenagers answer their three biggest questions and reach their full potential.

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  • 30 Day Church Challenge Daily Guidebook


    The 30-Day Church Challenge Book features daily devotional lessons and weekly small group discussion questions. On Monday-Saturday you will read the daily devotional and teaching lessons for each week’s topic, take simple application steps (called Simple Steps), and journal in answers to the question in the personal daily journal section.

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  • 5 Minute Messages For Children


    Captivate and challenge young listeners with 52 Bible-based messages

    Bring children closer to God with faith-building sermons just for them. Each creative message uses language kids readily understand so you’ll teach meaningful lessons on Bible-based topics like:
    Discipleship, faith, stewardship, the Holy Spirit; God’s love, forgiveness, servanthood, putting God first, and dozens of other topics. Plus, each talk uses involving activities to grab and hold kids’ attention so they’ll remember the truths you present.

    You’ll also find seasonal ideas for:

    Advent, Good Friday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Pentecost, and other important days in the church calendar.

    Use these messages for children’s moments in Sunday worship or at camps, retreats and other special events.

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  • 52 Games That Teach The Bible Ages 4-12


    At last, here are the teaching ideas every Sunday school teacher, children’s pastor, and Christian education director needs: Easy-to-do games that teach God’s word and biblical concepts to children.

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  • 52 Offering Prayers And Scriptures


    This powerful book on giving is the fruit of Pastor Frank Damazio’s three decades of ministry in leading churches in the area of finances and giving. Included are 52 sets of scriptures and prayers to assist pastors and leaders in guiding their congregations in faithful giving.

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  • 7 Challenges Pastors Face


    An experienced pastor helps people in full time ministry stay effective and avoid burn out by offering practical guidance to meet seven common challenges.

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  • 7 Strategic Changes Every Church Must Make


    Author Mark Conner reveals seven strategic changes that every church must make to remain relevant and progressive in today’s culture. These shifts – from inreach to outreach, from events to relationships, from consumers to contributors, from local to kingdom – will transform your church into a powerful force in the 21st Century.

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  • 99 Thoughts For College Age People


    The transition from high school to college is usually the most dramatic in young people’s lives. In this humorous and thought-provoking resource, Chuck Bomar offers up pearls of wisdom gained over years of personal and professional experience. It’s great as a graduation gift, as a college freshman small group discussion starter, or as any number of other uses. However you put it to work, you’ll be sure to save some young adults some pain, money, and from foot fungus.

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  • 99 Thoughts For Junior Highers


    Life for a typical junior high is awesome. And hard. And fun. And exciting. And boring. And crazy. Basically, it’s a blur of all those things-and more!

    Junior high truly is a season of ups and downs, of possibilities and confusion, of amazing memories and embarrassing moments. To get through it all, young teenagers sometimes just need a little help-or 99 bite-sized bits of help!

    Mark Oestreicher and Brooklyn Lindsey-veteran youth pastors who’ve worked with middle schoolers for many years-have teamed up to create 99 Thoughts for Junior Highers, an insider’s guide to the wild ride of early adolescence.

    Students will explore nuggets of rich wisdom, including all the changes they’re experiencing, figuring out what they believe, where God and church fit into the picture, how to best interact with family and friends, and deciding what really matters most in life. And they’ll encounter true stories from both authors about their own junior high years!

    Whether you’re a parent or a youth worker, 99 Thoughts for Junior Highers will entertain, engage, and encourage the middle schooler in your life.

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  • 99 Thoughts For Small Group Leaders


    Lives are changed. Decisions are made. Jokes are shared. Lifelong friendships are formed.

    If you’re a small group leader, you probably ask yourself lots of questions. Am I making a difference? Am I wisely investing my time, energy, and resources? How can I maximize my impact in these kids’ lives?

    Find the answers you’re looking for in 99 Thoughts for Small Group Leaders. Like other books in our 99 Thoughts series, Joshua Griffin’s latest book delivers insights, tips, and veteran advice for small group leaders. When put into play, these bite-size, consumable pieces of wisdom can help leaders knock it out of the park, setting them up to win.

    If you’re a small group leader, you’ll come back to this book again and again for encouragement, inspiration, and direction.

    And if you’re a leader of leaders, you’ll want to put this book into the hands of every small group leader-an investment in their lives and the lives of students in your youth ministry.

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  • Addictions : A Banquet In The Grave


    A worship disorder: this is how Edward T. Welch views addictions. Will we worship ourselves and our own desires, he writes, or will we worship the true God? With this lens the author discovers far more in Scripture on addictions than passages on drunkenness. There we learn the addict’s true condition: like guests at a banquet thrown by the woman Folly, he is already in the grave (Prov. 9:13-18). Can we not escape our addictins? If we’re willing to follow Jesus, the author says we have immense hope: hope in God’s forgiving grace, hope in God’s love that is faithful even when we are not, and hope that God can give power so that we are no longer mastered by the addiction. Each chapter concludes with Practical Theology, guidance As You Face Your Own Addictions and As You Help Someone Else.

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  • Adorned Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    As we live out Christ’s beauty before a dying world, we become more and more adorned with the gospel-together. Titus 2 community helps women flourish and impact those around them in profound ways. The Adorned Small Group Study Guide connects your small group or mentoring relationship to God’s beautiful plan for discipleship.

    This fourteen session study guide is designed for use with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book, Adorned: Living Out The Beauty of the Gospel Together, and the Adorned DVD set, which includes fourteen dramatic vignettes and fourteen 20-minute teaching sessions to supplement your small group study.

    Designed for either small group or one-on-one study.

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  • Advancing Under Fire


    In today s world there has been a gradual slide away from God and the things of God. What was once thought perverse and unthinkable is now thought to be the norm. Churches and ministers are bending over backwards to appease people calling their approach user friendly or seeker friendly not wishing to offend anyone. In Advancing Under Fire, Mike Keyes, Sr. challenges the Body of Christ to rise up, shed the mistakes and failures of the past and join forces to engage the enemy with the truth of the Gospel. Advancing Under Fire is a must read for anyone who desires to be used by God in these last days. It goes beyond the truths expressed in the author s previous book Military Mentality and presents the very real-world facts about life and death. Christianity is not a passive concept and the body of Christ is not a reactionary army. We are an aggressive group of dedicated soldiers. Jesus gave us the command to charge! We have been told to advance and so we will but it will always be under fire!

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  • All In One Sunday School Volume 4 (Revised)


    Be Ready No Matter Who Shows Up!

    Formerly Sunday School Specials 4, this revised and updated volume includes original and creative programs designed for ministries with mixed-age classes of children ages 4 through 12! With 13 lessons, this book will work in any ministry, but it’s especially great for smaller churches that combine classes every Sunday. Also good for large churches that combine ages during summer and for any other multi-age class setting.

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  • All In Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    When did we start believing that God wants to send us to safe places to do easy things? Jesus didn’t die to keep us safe. He died to make us dangerous. The will of God is not an insurance plan; it’s a daring plan. It’s time to quit living as if the purpose of your life is to arrive safely at death. All In, a four-session video-based Bible study by New York Times bestselling author Mark Batterson, challenges participants to resolutely follow God wherever he leads by pointing out that if Jesus is not Lord of all, he is not Lord at all. Most people think they are following Jesus. They may think they are following Jesus, but the reality is, they’ve invited Jesus to follow them. They call him Savior, but they’ve never surrendered to him as Lord. Are you following Jesus? Or have you invited Jesus to follow you? Participants will find Batterson’s teaching filled with his customary vivid, contemporary stories as well as biblical characters like Shamgar, Elisha, Jonathan, and Judas. It’s time to go all in for God.

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  • All The Good (Student/Study Guide)


    In All the Good: A Wesleyan Way of Christmas, a group of diverse Wesleyan scholars will take you on an Advent journey guided by the practices in John Wesley’s means of grace. In four sessions of study, prayer, and conversation, readers will look at preparing the way for God, the discipline of prayer, the substance of good works, and the recognition of God’s presence with us in communities that are called to serve the world.

    This Advent learn and practice works of mercy and works of piety examining on how God’s love is embodied in communities of faith in the world.

    Additional components for a four-week study include a DVD a comprehensive Leader Guide.

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  • All The Good Leader Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    In All the Good: A Wesleyan Way of Christmas, a group of diverse Wesleyan scholars will take you on an Advent journey guided by the practices in John Wesley’s means of grace. In four sessions of study, prayer, and conversation, readers will look at preparing the way for God, the discipline of prayer, the substance of good works, and the recognition of God’s presence with us in communities that are called to serve the world.

    This Advent learn and practice works of mercy and works of piety examining on how God’s love is embodied in communities of faith in the world.

    The Leader Guide includes session outline for each group meeting with Scripture, prayer, opening activity, discussion questions, activity, and ending call to action.

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  • All Things New Facilitators Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    ALL THINGS NEW: A DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRY FOR HEALING is a Ministry for people who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) and those who experience sexual brokenness as a result of exposure to homosexual conduct. It will help release people from the bondage of SSA and the shame associated with their exposure to homosexuality as they experience true love and healing from the Lover of their soul, Jesus Christ.

    This Ministry is designed to be facilitated by lay leaders and supported by volunteer prayer/accountability partners who walk alongside people participating in the Discipleship Program. The Facilitator Guide for this Ministry provides instructions about how to prepare for and facilitate each of the thirty-seven lessons, and provides links to additional resources to enhance the learning experience for the participants and accountability partners.

    Embark on a journey of healing as you move through the three phases of the Discipleship Program:
    *Workbook #1 – Basic Training
    *Workbook #2 – Homosexuality, Sexual Integrity and Spiritual Warfare
    *Workbook #3 – Healing

    All of humanity is born into sin, however, when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are born again! If we surrender every area of our lives to Him, He begins a transformation process in our lives that can only be described as miraculous. Healing and restoration is possible! Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV)

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  • All Together Now Volume 2 Winter


    13 Sunday school lessons when you have kids of all ages in one room

    Think your kids have heard all the stories about Jesus…his birth, his early ministry of healing and teaching, and his dynamic miracles? Think again! Walk with Jesus like never before with the brilliant lessons in All Together Now, Volume 2.

    Whether the children in your combined class are age 4, 12, or anything in between, these 13 interactive lessons for Winter will help kids experience the wonder and adventure of the Bible. They’ll grow closer to Jesus as they learn amazing lessons such as:
    Jesus’ love can change anyone.
    Jesus breaks down walls between people.
    Those who seek God will find him.
    ….and many more.

    With step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to lead your children on an exciting journey with Jesus. They’ll love him more than ever!

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  • All Together Now Volume 3 Spring


    13 Sunday school lessons when you have kids of all ages in one room

    Take your kids of all ages on a personal journey with Jesus! They’ll be fascinated by these remarkable lessons on Jesus’ last week on earth, his resurrection and ascension, and his followers’ miraculous adventures in Acts. Kids will grow closer to God and learn invaluable truths with All Together Now, Volume 3.

    Whether the children in your combined class are age 4, 12, or anything in between, these 13 interactive lessons for Spring will help kids experience the wonder and adventure of the Bible. They’ll learn unforgettable lessons such as:

    No matter what happens, God’s timing is perfect.
    Praying can help us stand strong.
    Jesus shows us the right path.
    …and many more.

    With step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to lead your children on a journey through the Gospel of John and Acts. Their lives will never be the same!

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  • Almost Every Answer For Practically Any Teacher (Reprinted)


    Questions? Answers. Teachers face the threat of burnout, the challenge of discipline, and the complexity of different learning styles. Here’s your chance to get a firm grasp on every issue from A to Z! This book contains 100 articles that provide insight, inspiration, and instruction for those who communicate God’s truth at school, home, church, or in the workplace. Edited by bestselling author Bruce Wilkinson, this is your resource for making a life-changing impact on your students. Includes articles by a variety of Christian leaders, from Charles Swindoll to Joni Eareckson Tada and A.W. Tozer.

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  • Apostles : The Fathering Servant


    Bill Scheidler has illuminated the qualifications and function of an apostle today by approaching the subject from a purely biblical point of view. Apostles compares this biblical view with current apostolic trends found in the church today. If you are a leader or pastor, Apostles will serve as your roadmap to understanding the function of an apostle today.

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  • Asking God To Grow My Character The Journey Continues Participants Guide 6 (Stud


    Celebrate Recovery introduces The Journey Continues-four new participant’s guides designed as a revolutionary, new second step study curriculum. This step study is taken after completing The Journey Begins (Participant Guides 1-4). In the five lessons in Guide 6: Asking God to Grow My Character, you will experience Christ-centered and biblically-based studies filled with brand new acrostics, deeper questions, and more helpful Bible verses. The content in Guide 6 will focus on a deeper study of the fourth recovery principle:

    Openly examine and confess my faults to God, to myself, and to someone I trust. Happy are the pure in heart (Matthew 5:8).

    By working through the lessons and exercises found in each of the four participant’s guides of The Journey Continues you will find a deeper sense of true peace and serenity, continue to restore and develop stronger relationships with others and with God, and find deeper freedom from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

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  • At The Altar Of Sexual Idolatry DVD Curriculum Set (Anniversary)


    For nearly 30 years, Steve Gallagher has been living with and ministering to men in sexual sin at Pure Life Ministries. Now for the first time, this special 14-week series brings to life the time-tested truths found in his best-selling book, At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry. Founded on the truths of Scripture, this curriculum offers profound insights into sexual sin’s devastating effects on the human soul-and then boldly illuminates the path to true freedom. Perfect for men’s groups and individual viewers, this series provides: exclusive teachings by Steve Gallagher and the leadership of Pure Life Ministries, a safe environment for men to openly discuss their struggles with sexual temptation, and 14 inspiring testimonies of men now walking in freedom.

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  • Baker Wedding Handbook (Reprinted)


    Ordained minister with over twenty years of experience provides a handbook that includes everything ministers need to prepare for and perform wedding ceremonies, whether traditional or contemporary, all in one compact volume.

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  • Battle Plan For Prayer Bible Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    Develop a deeper walk with God as you seek the Lord for your battles first. The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Study equips believers to create their own prayer strategy and be specific and strategic in prayer. This study features teaching by Alex and Stephen Kendrick on the topics of: what prayer is and is not, why God wants us to pray, specific areas of prayer, specific strategies for prayer, and more.

    Topics Include:

    Session One: Devoted to Prayer
    Session Two: Intentional Prayers
    Session Three: Our Father
    Session Four: Our Condition
    Session Five: The Lord’s Prayer
    Session Six: Spiritual Warfare
    Session Seven: Strategies of Prayer
    Session Eight: Be Anxious for Nothing


    Leader material (guides to questions and discussion with small group)
    8 group sessions, 5 days of homework to complete between group sessions


    Develop the spiritual discipline of prayer and prayer strategy
    Learn to journal and write specific prayers
    Discover the power of prayer within the context of a small group
    Expand participants’ understanding of spiritual warfare
    Develop strategies to battle the real Enemy through prayer
    Dig deeper into the spiritual discipline aspects of prayer
    Create opportunity for study among both inexperienced Bible study students and those well-versed in Scripture

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  • Be My Witness


    Books > Pastors’ Resources
    Be My Witness
    Be My Witness
    The Great Commission for Preachers
    By Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle
    Format: Paperback
    Book Code: J242
    Pages: 192
    Size: 5 x 8
    ISBN: 9780817017729
    PubDate: 2016
    Publisher: JUDSON PRESS

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    Best-selling author, veteran pastor and professor, and now president of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle returns to his passion for preaching in this new book, which explores the Great Commission as recorded in Acts 1:6-8, Be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

    Be My Witness offers a unique approach to the preaching task and suggests a way for preachers today to declare the gospel with relevance to the many issues and challenges society faces. McMickle explores the implications of what it means to be a witness for Jesus and considers a three-fold understanding of the word witness:

    Seeing something
    Saying something
    Suffering something

    Suggesting this passage be heard by preachers as a combination ordination charge, pastoral installation message, and seminary commencement address, McMickle develops a twenty-first century theology of preaching that encompasses both content and context for delivering the gospel message. Specifically, he explores the preacher’s need to wait for the Spirit’s power, to be Christ’s witness in the world, and to widen the scope of ministry-to the ends of the earth.

    Key features:

    Provides an exegetical examination of Jesus’ words in Acts 1:6-8
    Promotes sermon content that is faithful and attentive to justice, and the people and problems within a minister’s particular local church and community

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  • Because Of Bethlehem Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Each year, the Christmas season compels people to ask the Christmas questions. What’s the big deal about the baby in the manger? Who was he? What does his birth have to do with me? Of all the responses to these questions, there is one that stands out from the rest: Because of Bethlehem, God knows what it is like to be a human. When we talk to God about our challenges, our struggles, and our tough times, he understands, because he’s been there. He’s been here.

    Because of Bethlehem, we have a friend in heaven. We have a Savior in heaven. Christmas begins what Easter celebrates. The child in the cradle became the king on the cross. Because he did, there are no marks on our record, just grace. Because of Bethlehem, we have the promise God is always near us. Always for us. Always in us. We may forget him, but he never forgets us.

    No day is accidental or incidental. No acts are random or wasted. Just look at the Bethlehem birth. A king levies a tax. Joseph is forced to travel. Mary, as round as a ladybug, bounces on a donkey’s back. The hotel is full. The hour is late. The event is one big hassle. Yet out of the hassle, hope was born. Christmas reminds us that everything works together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28). And long after the Christmas guests have left, the carolers have gone home, and the lights have come down, that promise endures.

    Sessions include:
    *God Has a Face (chapters 2, 4)
    *Worship Works Wonders (chapters 5, 6)
    *God Guides the Wise (chapters 7, 8)
    *Every Heart Is a Manger (chapters 11, 12)

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  • Before We Forget


    How can pastors endure in ministry? How can they finish well?

    The pastors who have contributed to Before We Forget–some early in their ministries, some with decades of experience–believe remembering is the key to endurance. Remembering their first love. Remembering God’s call to ministry. Remembering the lessons God taught them in the early days of their service.

    The premise of the book is simple. We too often and too quickly forget the lessons God is teaching us. This whole book, then, is an exercise in remembrance. The authors want to remind themselves of God’s work in their lives as he has conformed them into the image of Jesus and molded them into more faithful followers and more careful shepherds. As they remember and recount what God has done for them and in them, their reflections will encourage pastors as they too run their race with endurance.

    Before We Forget includes chapters from the following leading pastors and more:
    *Jimmy Scroggins, lead pastor of Family Church in South Florida
    *Hershael York, senior pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, dean of the Southern Seminary School of Theology
    *Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
    *Jason Meyer, pastor for preaching and vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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  • Beginning Workbook : First Steps For New Disciples (Student/Study Guide)


    The Beginning Workbook includes an introduction to the weekly session topic, guided prayer options, and a complete story of the Bible with text and narrative explanation that drives the weekly meeting. (5 Sessions)

    The Beginning is an intentional Bible study for new disciples of Christ that can be used in one-on-one discipleship or small groups. It introduces the basic practices and elements of the faith, including the centrality of Christ, the crucial practice of prayer and Scripture reading, community, and what it means to be on mission for God. Exercises put weekly topics into practice, and meeting times work as well in one-on-one discipleship relationships as they do with typical small groups. This resource is attached to the broader Disciples Path series, but can also serve as a stand-alone product.

    This disciple-making resource includes discussion questions and group exercises every week to reinforce the primary teaching points of each topic. Individual study and out-of-group activities have all been crafted with a new believer’s spiritual maturity and commitment level in mind. These optional activities include but are not limited to reading plans, prayer exercises, personal study, and journaling.

    What Just Happened to Me?
    (Basics of salvation and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus.)
    The Centrality of Christ
    (Forming a Christian worldview around the person and work of Jesus.)
    Time with Jesus
    (The disciplines of prayer and Scripture reading.)
    The Church
    (Basic understanding of community in the context of the local and universal church.)
    The Mission
    (Introduction to our mission and responsibilities in the world as followers of Christ.)

    Bible study format, content, and activities created and written by practicing disciple makers
    Individual exercises to provide opportunities to practice discipleship
    A personal Bible study plan

    Facilitate transformation through modeling and practice
    Use as a handbook for one-on-one or two-on-one discipleship situationsy
    Examine five crucial elements for new disciples/believers
    Lead effectively–requires minimal leader preparation and allows the facilitator to model what it means to be a disciple
    Initiate an intentional discipleship path with individuals or groups
    Help those with doubts about salvation

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  • Best Ever Games For Youth Ministry (Revised)


    This amazing book is filled with classic fun! The Game Guy is geared up and ready to give you tons of great games-including some brand-new ones-that are easy to pull off and field-tested with teenagers in many settings.Here’s what you’ll get: – Classic games with new twists – Indoor and outdoor games – Games that teach – Games that build community in your groupThe book includes ideas on how to: – Lead games – Select games – Save games gone badYou also get: – Supply lists – Tips and bonus ideas – Notes on group sizes Plus, this legendary games expert exposes some of the worst games every played, and shares his philosophy of fun when working with teenagers. You’ll be equipped to lead young people with the best collection of games-ever!

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  • Better Together Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    In a time when societal disruptions are rampant-have you wanted to cut and run?

    Have you considered your own gender versus the opposite in a defensive way?

    If we are honest, we all have. And that truth is where we begin to be set free. We are only as strong as our understanding of our differences-and they are many and varied and begin with each our fingerprint. But we were not created alone, or separately. We were in fact created of and from and in the image of the same God. Until God created man AND woman, he called everything he created ‘good.’ When he saw us together, he declared, It is VERY good Gen 1:1-31.

    So how then, in a current state of division at every intersection of life, do we return to the flourishing of men and women together as originally intended?

    In this six-session study (DVD/downloads sold separately), author, activist, and headlining international speaker Danielle Strickland will guide us through our differences and mutuality with a biblical lens and foundation. She will teach and inspire us to face the core challenge that drives all division-FEAR-and to change the story of our culture. We will transform and become examples of equality and equity as in the Garden of Eden where we were made better, together.

    Designed for use with Better Together Video Study (sold separately).

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  • Between Two Worlds


    Nothing is better calculated to restore health and vitality to the church than a recovery of true, biblical, contemporary preaching. Thus says John Stott in this modern classic, which presents practical guidelines and experienced perspectives to foster such a recovery.

    After looking at contemporary objections to preaching, Stott examines how preaching can serve to build bridges across chasms of political, social, and ethical controversies. He then discusses how to overcome obstacles to Bible study and how to prepare sermons. He concludes with a thoughtful reflection on the responsibility of preachers to live their message with sincerity, courage, and humility.

    This book will encourage and challenge those who read it to make God’s message of salvation known to a world in dire need of hearing it.

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  • Beyond Stewardship : A Church Guide To Generous Giving Campaign


    Authors John Zehring and Kate Jagger bring their extensive fundraising experience to bear in this practical resource for churches. Beyond Stewardship applies the best principles of fundraising to the annual giving campaign in local congregations. Emphasizing the individual givers and the act of giving as integral to spiritual life, this book goes beyond typical stewardship models to celebrate the generosity already demonstrated by church members and to invite further giving based on that generous past.

    Using a collaborative paradigm that engages leadership across the church, this volume offers four interlocking strategies for a successful annual giving campaign: concentric circles of commitment, personal visits, public witness, and direct mail.

    Key features:

    * Detailed roadmap for planning and executing annual giving campaigns.

    * Special section on raising funds for ‘specific purpose’ campaigns.

    * Features a practical appendix of tools and resources.

    * Well-published author has written nine books and ten e-books on subjects including Christian living and leadership.

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