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  • Cyborg Mayhem 5 Pack


    Issue #9 of the PowerMark Adventure Series One comics. Cyborgs and the Tiger Claw wage war… Ester is transformed by God’s love… Esther becomes queen of a foreign land…

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  • Easter Ideals 2021


    The annual compilation of poetry, prose, recipes, and Bible excerpts, paired with gorgeous seasonal photography and artwork, returns once again with a new edition for 2021.

    Spring brings renewal, hope, rebirth, new growth — and a new issue of Easter Ideals, which celebrates all of this and more. This beautiful softcover treasury will inspire readers after a long winter, evoking the joy and warmth of the emerging spring. Authors and poets such as Pamela Kennedy and Eileen Spinelli reflect upon the holiday’s special moments and spiritual significance, and beautiful photographs and artwork bring color and life to each page. Easter Ideals will appeal to all who wish to embrace and experience the traditions, beauty, and joy of this special time of year.

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  • Job


    Though the author of Job is not named or known, the book is reputed to be the oldest stories of the Bible. The book of Job also deals with one of the oldest problems of the human race, that of pain and suffering. In this unusual book the Bible pulls back the spiritual curtain and gives us a rare glimpse into the other-world interactions taking place in the heavenly realms. When Satan makes an appearance before God Almighty to request a shot at one of His most faithful servants, it begins a chain of reactions that will culminate in a appearance by the Lord Himself and a direct conversation between God and Job. Masterfully illustrated by Jeff Slemons.

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  • Jonah


    This prophet learned the hard way that God can make u-turns in our lives and that He cares for all people.

    Confronted by the prophet Jonah, a wicked city comes face to face with the ultimate decision to change their evil ways. Follow Jonah from his home to the high seas as he faces certain death in a violent storm. Through a turn of events, Jonah finds himself in a bizarre situation as God confronts his rebellion. Who will be saved?

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  • Redeemer 5 Pack


    Issue #20 of the PowerMark Adventure Series Two comics. Redeemer Jade gets a kick out of Vapyr… Citizens of Mars learn the truth… Ruth leaves all to show her dedication to Naomi… PowerMark falls victim to a deadly conspiracy…

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  • Sinister Plans 5 Pack


    Issue #14 of the PowerMark Adventure Series Two comics. A sudden attack on an Alliance listening post… Vapyrs mysterious Middle-East meeting… Lailani runs with the wrong crowd… Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are thrown into a furnace…

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