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Category: Government and Political Science

Government and Political Science

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  • American Republic Student Text 4th Edition (Student/Study Guide)


    The American Republic Student Text (4th ed.) leads students on a tour of our nation’s history starting with the first interactions between Native Americans and European explorers and ending with present day America. Students are encouraged to interpret the present based on knowledge of our nation’s past, using text, illustrations, art, and photographs.

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  • Original Intent : The Courts The Constitution And Religion


    In Original Intent: The Courts, The Constitution, & Religion, discover how the United States Supreme Court has reinterpreted the Constitution, diluting the Biblical foundations upon which it was based. Filled with hundreds of the Founders’ quotes revealing their beliefs on the role of religion in public affairs, the proper role of the courts, the intended limited scope of federal powers, States’ rights, and numerous other current issues.

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