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  • National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia 2nd Edition


    Discover the thousands of animals that call Earth home in this new edition of National Geographic’s best-selling Animal Encyclopedia.

    Updated and reviewed by experts in the field for the most accurate, up-to-date information, this comprehensive reference book features 2,500 species, 1,000 stunning photos, and more than a dozen engaging maps. Jam-packed with fun facts–such as the world’s tallest animal, the longest living animal on Earth, and even the smelliest–it also contains new, exclusive From the Field reports highlighting National Geographic explorers working around the world to study and protect every kind of animal, from giraffes to penguins and sharks to snails. Kids will love diving into topics like animal homes and habitats, migration, life cycles and babies, conservation and more! This must-have encyclopedia for all animal lovers also includes an extensive listing of animal species with basic facts and figures, and a comprehensive glossary and index.

    Perfect for reading for fun or researching for school, or for use in the classroom, this second edition provides an excellent overview of the diversity of animals that live on this planet and why each one is so unique in its own way.

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