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Charismatic Interests

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  • 101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks


    God is speaking. Are you listening?

    Often, we convince ourselves that God only speaks to really spiritual people. But the truth is that God longs to speak to every one of His children. You can hear His voice!

    101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks will help all believers access the supernatural voice of God, speaking direction, discernment, and encouragement into your everyday life.

    Since he was a child, Hakeem Collins has been studying and pursuing the voice of the Lord. Now, in this essential work, he offers wisdom on how you can hear God’s voice for yourself.

    Written in short, easy-to-read chapters, Hakeem provides 101 insights into the unique ways that God communicates, and how you can position yourself to hear from Him.

    101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks will help you…
    *discover the ways in which God speaks, including: scripture, repetitive symbols, circumstances, the still small voice, dreams and visions, and more!
    *hear from Heaven for supernatural direction for decisions.
    *see answers to prayer manifest.
    *receive strength and encouragement, even in your most challenging times.
    *discern where God is moving, and partner with Him to see miracles happen.

    Learn to tune your ear to the persistent voice of God, and start receiving the amazing things He’s been longing to reveal!

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  • 23 Minutes In Hell


    What does an eternity in torment look like—and how can it be avoided? God allowed Wiese to spend time in the devil’s lair, and now he shares what he saw, heard, and felt. Includes hundreds of Scriptures that verify hell’s horrors plus answers to commonly asked questions about demons, children, pain, and more.

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  • 31 Days Of Health Wealth And Happiness


    New Wine International

    Excellent book to focus on the blessings and provision of God… and begin to see them manifest in your own life! Includes 3 special teachings: 8 Reasons Why Healing Belongs to You; 3 Keys for Discovering Your Prosperity; 12 Golden Principles for Experiencing Happiness. And each of the 31 daily devotionals include a wisdom key, scripture and practical activation. Foreword by Dr. Mark Chironna.

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  • 3rd Day Prayers


    New Wine International

    This is the ultimate handbook and personal reference guide for Holy Spirit led prayers and ministry to your every need!

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  • 7 Divine Mysteries


    God’s abundance is waiting for you. Are you ready to go deeper?

    There comes a point in our spiritual journey when we must no longer sit and wait. Instead, we need to stand up and walk boldly in God’s purposes for us. We have to progress toward the blessings and provision He has shown us in the glory realms.

    There isn’t a single area of your life for which God does not have a promise of victory. He has proclaimed breakthroughs, blessings, and, yes, miracles. In 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance by Joshua Mills, you will find out how to connect to the manifest promises of God as you stretch your faith, work the Word, and allow the Spirit to lead you into overflowing abundance for spirit, soul, and body. The seven mysteries include the mystery of divine vision, the mystery of the seed, the mystery of working with angels, the mystery of gratitude, the mystery of divine connection, the mystery of divine placement and positioning, and the mystery of divine timing.

    There is an entire realm of supernatural abundance just waiting for you to explore and put to work in your life. In these days, God is opening untapped abundance for restoration, healing, deliverance, relationships, finances, creative ideas, and more. Many people have been waiting for God to move in their lives, but He is waiting for us to move in faith toward His promises. We must activate what He has spoken to us about–or risk losing the opportunity. God is looking for men and women who will rise up and choose to receive every promise He has given.

    As God’s children, we can confidently ask Him for miracles and provision in areas where we have experienced difficulty or lack in the past. We just need to give Him permission to upset the daily routine of our lives and let His glory flow from heaven to earth. Then, we need to take hold of our portion as it comes down from the throne.

    Joshua Mills and his wife, Janet, have proven these seven scriptural principles in their own lives, and this book is filled with faith-building testimonies, practical keys, and activations for readers to apply directly to their own circumstances.

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  • 7 Divine Mysteries Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Connect to the Manifest Promises of God

    There comes a point in our spiritual journey when we must no longer sit and wait. Instead, we need to stand up and walk boldly in God’s purposes for us. We have to progress toward the blessings and provision He has shown us in the glory realms.

    There isn’t a single area of your life for which God does not have a promise of victory. He has proclaimed breakthroughs, blessings, and, yes, miracles. In this study guide companion to 7 Divine Mysteries: Supernatural Secrets to Unlimited Abundance by Joshua Mills, you will find out how to connect to the manifest promises of God as you stretch your faith, work the Word, and allow the Spirit to lead you into overflowing abundance for spirit, soul, and body. The seven mysteries include:

    Divine Mystery #1: Your Vision: The Pathway for Provision

    Divine Mystery #2: What You Say Prepares the Way

    Divine Mystery #3: The Word You Work Will Work for You

    Divine Mystery #4: What You Sow, You Will Grow

    Divine Mystery #5: The Art of Generous Receiving

    Divine Mystery #6: Utilizing the Strength of Angels

    Divine Mystery #7: God’s Promised Generational Blessing

    There is an entire realm of supernatural abundance just waiting for you to explore and put to work in your life. In these days, God is opening untapped abundance for restoration, healing, deliverance, relationships, finances, creative ideas, and more. Many people have been waiting for God to move in their lives, but He is waiting for us to move in faith toward His promises. We must activate what He has spoken to us about-or risk losing the opportunity. God is looking for men and women who will rise up and choose to receive every promise He has given.

    The 7 Divine Mysteries Study Guide, which can be used by either individuals or groups, contains some brand-new material to further your understanding of supernatural abundance. The guide is also filled with key points from the book, thought questions, review questions, and supernatural activations.

    Joshua Mills and his wife, Janet, have proven these seven scriptural principles in their own lives. As God’s children, we can confidently ask Him for miracles and provision in areas where we have experienced difficulty or lack in the past. We just need to give Him permission to upset the daily routine of our lives and let His glory flow from heaven to earth. Then, we need to take hold of our portion as it comes down from the throne.

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  • 7 Spirits Of God


    Seven Spirits of God – divine secrets to the miraculous unveils to you new depths of the power and operation of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. It will impart to you the revelation knowledge you require to activate the fullness of the Holy Spirit in your life and, walk in the miraculous and supernatural consistently.

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  • 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You


    The greatest thing that God has done for us is to give us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Almighty Spirit of God. He’s the One Who communicates the presence of God. So many Christians have never really known the importance of that. That’s what made Jesus ‘the Christ.’ It was the Spirit’s indwelling that made Him who He was. That’s the Spirit that makes us children of God today.

    The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity revealed to the Christian. He is one with the Father and the Son (1 John 5:7). He is neither less important nor less powerful. He is God and co-equal with the Father and the Son.

    Right from the beginning of the Scriptures, we’re introduced to the Person of the Holy Spirit; and throughout the Scriptures, we’re further acquainted with Him, His power and His Person. In all of these, His ministry is clearly revealed – not to exalt Himself, but to lead us and reveal to us the Person of Jesus.

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  • 7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do In You


    The greatest thing that God has done for us since we believed is to make His Spirit available to us. However, too many of God’s people are like the 12 men in Acts chapter 19, who Paul asked, Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? and they answered him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost!

    Many Christians are completely clueless of who the Holy Spirit is. Many others who even claim to know the Holy Spirit and have Him in their lives don’t know why He is in them. They have no idea what He can do with them, in them and through them.

    In this book, I’ll be teaching you seven vital things the Holy Spirit will do in you when He comes to dwell in you; seven things that will not happen in your life until you receive and are full of the Holy Spirit. I’ve already written a book on *’Seven Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You,’ but now I’ll be sharing with you what He’ll do inside you when He comes to abide in you.

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  • 70 Reasons For Speaking In Tongues


    600 million Christians have received the Holy Spirit gift of their own spirit language. Almost 95% of Spirit baptized Christians understand or use less than 10% of the purposes and benefits pf speaking in tongues. Learn how to use your spirit language to activate more faith and increase God’s love and power within your life and ministry.

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  • 90 Days Of Power Prayer


    Prayer may be the single most powerful help in a Christian’s walk-and yet in the hectic pace of day-to-day life, prayer can so easily be forgotten and neglected.

    Pastor Kynan Bridges is convinced that once believers recognize the power of daily prayer, they will never hesitate to come daily before God’s throne. In this 90-day devotional, he walks through the purpose, the biblical basis, and the uplifting content of ninety different prayers, including:
    *Prayer of protection
    *Prayer for deliverance
    *Prayer for forgiveness
    *Prayer for overcoming fear
    *Prayer for marriage and relationships
    *Prayer for seeing the unseen
    *Prayer for transformation
    *Prayer for overcoming stress

    In easy-to-read format, this devotional is ideal for anyone looking to begin a daily habit of powerful prayer or to refresh and rejuvenate their prayer life.

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  • 90 Days To Possessing Your Healing


    The Next 90 Days Will Change Your Life!

    Is God still healing people today?
    Does He want to heal me?
    How do I receive my healing?

    People everywhere have always had questions about supernatural healing. Maybe you’re one of them! Many of us want to believe that God still heals and His supernatural power is available today. But how do we activate it in our own lives? The problem we all face, is a lack of solid Scriptural teaching about how to believe for and receive divine healing.

    In 90 Days to Possessing Your Healing, Pastor Kynan Bridges shares Bible truth with uncompromised clarity and shows you how to possess your healing in the next 90 days.

    By using this devotional, you will discover how to:
    – Unlock what the Bible reveals about divine healing
    – Take authority over sickness in your life
    – Activate the healing promises of God
    – Build your faith to believe for the miraculous

    Overcome the roadblocks that have kept you from possessing your healing and experience your breakthrough today!

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  • Accessing The Greater Glory


    This is a practical, supernatural blueprint for every believer to step into greater demonstrations of God’s glory.

    All of Heaven is poised to pour out upon those who are willing to overflow with glory and change the world.

    While Christians wait expectantly for the moment of this Heavenly release, God is waiting for a willing vessel to step forward. Will you say, yes?

    Accessing the Greater Glory is a prophetic summons, birthed in Israel, and revealed through divine encounter. In this powerful book, Seer, Ana Werner, and Prophetic Teacher, Larry Sparks call readers to access this greater glory and release it into their sphere of influence.

    You will discover:
    *the one thing that attracts the fire of God to your life.
    *the ancient secrets to living saturated in the glory of God.
    *the prophetic connection between Heaven’s outpouring and the Jewish people.
    *how to sustain revival in your life that brings reformation to the world.
    *how to carry and release God’s glory into the places you’ve been assigned.

    The Earth will be filled with God’s glory when His people release His Spirit wherever they go

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  • Activate Heaven : Use The Power Of Your Voice To Win Your Battles And Walk


    Some things will not happen until you open your mouth. Your voice has the power to bring heaven to earth.

    God has given believers the ability to speak as He spoke, causing things that were not to be. The believer’s voice pulls, roots out, throws down, destroys, and builds up and plants (Jeremiah 1:10). When we speak according to the Spirit of God, our voices bring heaven to earth. When we open our mouths, heaven is speaking. When we prophesy, heaven is speaking. When we speak by the Spirit of God, heaven is speaking. No matter how much it seems like hell is raging, when we open our mouths and speak God’s Word, heaven comes.

    In Activate Heaven, John Eckhardt shows you how to use your voice to advance God’s agenda in the earth and equips you to stand against everything the enemy uses to silence your voice, from depression and confusion to sickness, pain, and rejection. The enemy would like nothing more than to silence the church. But when we open our mouths, the sick get healed, demons flee, miracles and finances are released, resulting in situations turned around. Speaking the will of God-speaking forth that which is in heaven-is the essence of the prophetic. Therefore, it’s time to stop complaining and start prophesying. It’s time to stop talking about how bad things are and begin to open our mouths and declare that as we speak heaven comes.

    This book will teach you how to use the most powerful tool you possess: Your voice. You will be empowered to rip off the muzzle placed upon you by man, and you will exercise the supernatural power of your voice.

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  • Activating The Gift Of Prophecy


    Start Operating in the Gift of Prophecy Today!

    When it comes to prophecy, the three most common questions among Christians are:
    1. Can every believer speak prophetically?
    2. If so, how do I start hearing God’s voice?
    3. Once I’ve heard a prophetic word, what should I do next?
    Jermaine and Rebecca Francis answer the first question with a resounding yes!–every believer can receive words from Heaven!

    With this in mind, they tackle the other two questions, offering this book as a user-friendly guide to hearing from God and speaking His words.

    Jermaine and Rebecca represent the next generation of prophetic voices under the leadership of renowned prophet and teacher, Bill Hamon. Their passion is to activate and instruct other believers in the prophetic anointing.

    Activating the Gift of Prophecy will help you:
    *Start operating in the gift of prophecy in accordance with Scripture.
    *Discern the voice of God through different spiritual senses.
    *Separate soul from spirit when it comes to hearing God.
    *Operate in prophetic protocol to deliver words effectively.
    *Develop a pure heart that God can trust with prophetic revelation.

    As a follower of Jesus, you are filled with the Holy Spirit, which means you have access to God’s prophetic words. Learn how to receive and release these words today!

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  • Activating The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit


    David Ireland shows how you can activate the power of the Holy Spirit in your everyday walk with God. Discover how you can: understand what the gifts of the Spirit are; hear the voice of the Holy Spirit; know God’s heart in every spiritual matter; be miraculously used by God; have authority over Satan’s tricks and deceptions; conquer fear, doubt, and unbelief; and possess the power of the early church.

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  • Angels At Your Service


    Angels, they’re God’s supernatural messengers sent to serve, assist and protect you…if you know the biblical keys to cooperating with their heavenly mission. Unfortunately, most believers are woefully lacking in knowledge about the powerful beings the writer of Hebrews calls, …ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation. Here Mac Hammond sets the record straight and opens your eyes to the vital but little-known services and blessings angels are commissioned to provide.

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  • Angels Of Fire


    The supernatural link between angels of fire and the coming move of God’s glory!

    The angelic host has been with us from the beginning. While they are not often recognized by the human eye, they have been present all along and are vital to the work of God being fulfilled in the Earth. When you learn how to recognize these unique angels and how they are operating, you will be able to participate with them to bring about the accelerated healing, restoration, purification and all of the other end-times signs of global Holy Spirit outpouring.

    Angels are preparing the way for the greatest move of God in human history.
    Discover how you can join in with their preparation and experience this end-times outpouring today!

    Candice Smithyman is a TV host, prophetic author, and supernatural minister. She carries a powerful revelation about the vital link between the Angels of Fire, God’s End-time outpouring of glory, and how you fit in the unfolding of Heaven’s history-making, world-shaking agenda.

    Discover ancient truths about the angelic, such as:
    *Angels are Word-activated: not by human words, but by the Word of God.
    *Angels help bring God’s plans and purposes to pass in your life.
    *Angels are assigned to a person at conception.
    *Angels cooperate with people fulfilling divine assignments to see renewal and revival break out in the Earth.
    *Angelic Movement can be recognized and discerned by those moving in the Spirit.

    Angels will be ushering in the end time revival and the more we know the better equipped we will be to participate with God as He returns.

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  • Art Of War For Spiritual Battle


    * Ever feel like you’re stuck in a situation you can’t control? Trimm gives you the push you need to move to a new place of power in God! Acting as your coach, mentor, and friend, she helps you overcome trials, difficulties, and disappointments, and teaches you that you are an overcomer—just like Jesus.

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  • Atmosphere : Creating A Realm For Miracles And Success


    New Wine International

    Sharing from years of experience in the supernatural, Joshua Mills will show you the significance of your atmosphere and how it affects you and others around you in a powerful way. In this fascinating book you will learn how to develop an atmosphere for miracles and success to abound in your life! Includes the following chapters:

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  • Authority To Heal


    The Supernatural Quest to Restore Your Lost Birthright!
    The Bible is filled with divine healing! From cover to cover, Scripture reveals many miraculous healings, where the sick, terminally ill, and even the dead were restored to wholeness.
    So how did healing something so natural for Jesus and the early church become absent and so controversial?
    In Authority to Heal, Randy Clark shows you the truth behind what happened to divine healing and teaches you how to reclaim this supernatural inheritance.
    You will learn how to:
    Recognize and overcome common deceptions that block the flow of God s power
    Unlock your inheritance of healing authority through the truth of Scripture and surprising testimonies from church history
    Deepen your understanding of God s goodness through His signs and wonders
    Access the power that Jesus, the early church and Spirit-anointed miracle-workers throughout history walked in

    In Power to Heal, you were equipped to pray for the sick. In Authority to Heal, go deeper as Randy shares his personal healing journey, eyewitness stories of miracle healings, and insights from Scripture, theology and church history.
    Discover how God s healing river never stopped flowing and unleash its power in your life today!

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  • Baptism In The Holy Spirit


    The people of God are hungry and thirsty to know the Holy Spirit intimately… Why is it important to receive the Holy Spirit and to be guided by Him? Because He is the continuation of God on Earth; it is He who reveals Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. As you read this book, you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit as a sign of having been separated and consecrated to serve God. How will you know you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit? Because the power of God will come upon you and activate you to do the work of God. Are you ready to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and maintain a continual infilling?

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  • Basic Training For The Prophetic Ministry (Expanded)


    Boot Camp for Prophets!

    Have you been called by God to be a prophet?

    Learn how to develop your calling and increase the strength of your gifts from someone who has given hundreds of prophetic words worldwide.

    You will be sure of your calling as you learn the difference between:
    *Prophets & Prophecy.
    *Foretelling & Forthtelling.
    *Word of Knowledge & Gift of Prophecy.
    *A True Prophet & A False Prophet.
    *Old Testament and New Testament Prophecy.

    Author Kris Vallotton guides you through the rigors of basic training by revealing the core issues about prophecy and a revolutionary prophetic ministry

    Complete with inspiring true stories, thought-provoking questions, and a Personal Experience Journal, you can begin today to fulfill the calling God designed for you!

    Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you fight the good fight (1 Timothy 1:18).

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  • Bautismo En El Espiritu Santo


    Don Basham plantea utiles discusiones sobre los temas de recibir y ministrar el bautismo del Espiritu Santo. Ofrece solidas respuestas basadas biblicamente a muchas preguntas que se hacen frecuentemente sobre el tema, incluyendo…

    *Que es el bautismo en el Espiritu Santo?
    *Cual es la importancia de hablar en lenguas?
    *Por que deberia yo hablar en lenguas?
    *Sigue la iglesia experimentando milagros hoy dia?
    *Como recibo el bautismo del Espiritu Santo?
    *Cuales son algunos obstaculos para recibir el Espiritu?
    *Como se puede diferenciar una experiencia falsa de una verdadera?

    A medida que la Escritura cobre vida para usted, experimentara un nuevo poder para testificar y mas poder en la oracion. !Descubra todos los transformadores beneficios que Dios quiere darle hoy!

    Don Basham provides helpful discussions on the subjects of receiving and ministering the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He offers solid, biblically based answers to many frequently asked questions on the subject, including…

    *What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
    *What is the importance of speaking in tongues?
    *Why should I speak in tongues?
    *Does the church still experience miracles today?
    *How do I receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
    *What are some obstacles to receiving the Spirit?
    *How can you tell a counterfeit experience from a real one?

    As Scripture comes alive to you, you will experience a new power to witness and more power in prayer. Discover all the life-changing benefits God wants to give you today!

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  • Becoming A Next Level Prophet


    Prophets aren’t sharpened in an instant. They must go through a making process to shape their character and burn off their impurities through experiencing the ways of God. As you explore your prophetic calling, you will understand your prophetic mission–and what it takes to progress through each level on your way to fulfilling your God-given destiny.

    In Becoming a Next-Level Prophet, author, speaker, and apostolic prophet Jennifer LeClaire encourages and challenges you to sharpen your prophetic edge through obedience, willingness, humility, selflessness, prayer, warfare, holiness, faithfulness, and accountability. She urges you to mature in your anointing and to be a good steward of the gifts with which God has entrusted you, pointing more people to Jesus. As spiritual warfare increases and the world is in desperate need for the clear voice of God, it is crucial that his prophets rise up with power and maturity.

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  • Bible Based Dictionary Of Prophetic Symbols Expanded Edition (Revised)


    Not an ordinary dictionary-loaded with divine wisdom!

    The most comprehensive, illustrated Bible-based dictionary of prophetic and dream symbols ever compiled is contained in this one authoritative book!

    Revelations from God are more common than most people would dare to believe–what is scarce is godly understanding of what is revealed.

    The Bible-Based Dictionary of Prophetic Symbols is a masterpiece that intelligently and understandably bridges the gap between prophetic revelation and application–PLUS it includes the expanded version of the best selling Illustrated Bible-Based Dictionary of Dream Symbols.

    Expertly designed, researched, and Holy Spirit inspired to provide you an extensive wealth of revelation knowledge about symbols and symbolic actions, this book is divided into four parts that go way beyond listing and defining words. Rhema word and divine prompting lift off every page!

    Biblically sound and supported, best-selling author and pastor Dr. Joe Ibojie discusses in detail topics including:
    *God speaks to everyone, but not in the same way.
    *God speaks in dreams and visions.
    *God speaks in clear language.
    *God speaks in riddles or parables.
    *God speaks in dark speeches

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  • Bible Doctrines : Discover Profound Truths For Everyday Living (Revised)


    Come along with P.C. Nelson as he leads you on a journey into God’s Word to discover 16 timeless Pentecostal truths. Nelson’s down-to-earth, conversational tone takes you step-by-step through Scripture to carefully and logically explain what Pentecostals believe and why. Doctrines include the Scriptures inspired, the one true God, the deity of Christ, the fall of man, salvation, the Church, the Holy Spirit, sanctification, divine healing, and more.

    As you follow Nelson’s humble leading, you’ll not only gain a deeper understanding of these beliefs but you’ll also be invited to let them change your life as they did his.

    This is a book every dedicated believer should read, no matter your denominational background. ~ George O. Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

    Peter Christopher Nelson came to know Christ at age 11. After many years as a Baptist minister, Nelson was baptized in the Holy Spirit. His solid belief in the authority of God’s Word, along with this experience, led him to embrace Pentecostalism. He wrote Bible Doctrines to provide a simple explanation of Pentecostal beliefs as they are reflected in Scripture. Destined to become a classic Pentecostal theological text, Bible Doctrines has been translated into many languages and is now in its eighth English-language edition.

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  • Biblical Guidebook To Deliverance


    Access God’s supernatural power and authority to defeat the devil

    Evil spirits are a popular subject for movies, novels, and TV talk shows. In many cases, the secular world knows more about the supernatural than the church world. Yet, the Bible does not shy away from the demonic realm. Demons are a real part of our lives and Christ.

    The Biblical Guidebook to Healing and Deliverance gives you a strong foundation in the biblical principles of deliverance, enabling you to live an empowered life-today and for years to come. The model of Jesus is one of living a victorious life. No matter what we are going through, God can provide supernatural ways-that defy rational thinking-to heal you, and He will give you His grace so that you can live victoriously and be a blessing to others.

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  • Breaking The Miracle Barrier


    Throughout the Bible, we read stories of individuals praying desperate prayers–and receiving miracle answers. This leaves us with a question: What does it take to push through–to break the miracle barrier?

    In this powerful new release, apostolic leader Jennifer LeClaire reveals a surprising key to obtaining breakthrough, veiled in the prayer lives of people crying desperately to see godly desires manifested, loved ones delivered, and enemies defeated. She teaches believers how to cry out to God, and how to sustain the desperate kind of faith undaunted by obstacles, opposition, and odds–prayer in faith that breaks the miracle barrier.

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  • Carrying The Presence


    You can be the move of God!

    Every situation in which you find yourself is a moment that God longs to fill with His power and Presence. He accomplishes His mighty purposes by working through you!

    Every Christian has the Holy Spirit living within them. That means that you carry God Himself within you! Everywhere you go, you are presented with fresh opportunities to release the Kingdom of Heaven.

    And best of all, you are not alone! Even as God impacts the world by working through you, He promises to partner with you every step of the way. It all begins with listening for His voice and stepping out in faith.

    You have already been anointed! Jesus Everywhere is your practical guide to walking in this anointing!

    Learn how to:
    *Carry God’s presence everywhere you go.
    *Recognize and respond to divine appointments.
    *Release a move of God into your sphere of influence.
    *Make Jesus irresistible to hardened hearts.
    *Partner with the Holy Spirit to release miracles.

    Amazing adventures with God wait for you. Start living out your supernatural destiny today!

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  • Caught Up Into Heaven


    During a nine-day visionary journey, Marietta Davis saw many breath-taking aspects of heaven and hell. Here is an eyewitness account of the glorious beauty, pleasures, and joys of heaven that await every Christian, as well as a look at the coming torment for unrepentant souls.

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  • Century Of The Holy Spirit


    A definitive history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement and an intriguing reference for persons outside the movement, The Century of the Holy Spirit details the miraculous story of Pentecostal/Charismatic growth–in the U.S. and around the world. This book features five chapters by the premier Pentecostal historian, Vinson Synan, with additional contributions by leading Pentecostal/Charismatic authorities–David Barrett, David Daniels, David Edwin Harrell Jr., Peter Hocken, Sue Hyatt, Gary McGee, and Ted Olsen. Features include:
    Explains and analyzes the role of all major streams, including women, African-Americans, and Hispanics
    Thoroughly illustrated with photographs, charts, figures, maps, and vignettes 4-color fold-out timeline/genealogy tree
    16 full-color pages, plus black-and-white photos throughout Includes bibliographies and indexes

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  • Cleansing And Igniting The Prophetic


    God is Raising Up a Pure and Powerful Prophetic Movement!

    Something major is shifting in the prophetic! Recent interest in prophetic words and the emergence of influential prophetic voices have given rise to an increasing acceptance of the prophetic gifts in the Christianity community.

    Sadly, with popularity has come pollution. But the Holy Spirit is calling out errors, calling forth a pure prophetic generation that operates in supernatural Kingdom power.

    Will you take your place among this emerging company?

    In Jeremiah Johnson’s timely new book, he boldly addresses those areas of the prophetic that have been poisoned. Through clear teaching, practical examples, and personal testimony, Jeremiah offers a compelling vision for the future, where God’s people usher in a pure, New Testament expression of the prophetic.

    In Cleansing and Restoring the Prophetic, you will learn to hear from Heaven and declare with power, boldness, and authority that produce results:
    *Identify and resist dangerous errors that hinder the full release of God’s power.
    *Understand the different prophetic expressions as outlined in Scripture.
    *Recognize the equal blessing of both positive and confrontational prophetic words.
    *Avoid the greatest threat to the contemporary prophetic movement.
    *Increase in prophetic impact, power and authority by growing in maturity.
    *Resist the 10 Traps that seek to contaminate the prophetic anointing.

    Whether you are a prophet or operate in the gift of prophecy, these words can protect you from great deception, ushering you into the next level of power that God wants to release through His people!

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  • Cloud Of Witnesses In The Courts Of Heaven


    The supernatural intersection between your life and the heavenly cloud of witnesses!

    In the Book of Hebrews, Scripture introduces us to the great cloud of witnesses-believers who have gone before us, joining the ranks of those gathered before the throne of God. Though they are in Heaven, these witnesses remain participating members of Jesus’ church, playing an active part in the unfolding purposes of God on Earth.

    Through supernatural stories and Bible-based revelation, bestselling author Robert Henderson offers groundbreaking teaching on the cloud of witnesses’ role in the Courts of Heaven.

    Discover how these departed believers help you to fulfill what’s written in your book of destiny!

    *Uncover God’s plan to unify Heaven and earth, evidenced by an increase of supernatural encounters.
    *Operate in the courts of Heaven with fresh revelation, insight, and boldness.
    *Avoid demonic deception and occultic practice involving the spirit-realm.
    *Walk in powerful dimensions of the Spirit opened by Jesus’ blood.
    *Pray in agreement with those in Heaven, as the cloud of witnesses has a powerful voice in the heavenly courts.
    *Recognize encounters with the cloud of witnesses in a Biblical, Jesus-exalting way.
    *Step intoyour destiny by joining the unfolding story of God’s Kingdom advancing on Earth.

    Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.
    Hebrews 12:1-2

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  • Command Your Healing


    Stand in your spiritual authority and release God’s healing power!

    Do you fully understand what it means to walk in your spiritual authority and exercise your Kingdom rights as a believer? If you or a loved one need a healing touch from God, there is a powerful, Bible-based strategy that you can start operating in today!

    Command Your Healing is a power-packed prophetic experience that combines intentional meditation on God’s word with confident declarations of God’s promises to attain a healing miracle!

    Through revelation on key healing scriptures, faith declarations, inspiring testimonies, prophetic decrees, and healing confessions you will be equipped to break demonic sickness and strongholds that hold back healing.

    As you read the daily devotionals, declarations, and testimonies contained in this book, you will learn to:
    *Activate supernatural faith that releases personal healing
    *Access breakthrough keys of healing power outlined in Scripture
    *Walk in your spiritual authority over the works of darkness
    *Implement and apply healing commands, confessions, and prayers
    *Prophesy words of healing over yourself and others

    God has given you supernatural Kingdom authority. Stop simply praying about healing and learn how to boldly command it to be released, in Jesus’ Name!

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  • Commanding Your Morning


    Following the style of her best-selling co-published books, this small book is based upon the biblical principle of beginning your day (not always a literal day) by following a prayer strategy for declaring the things that God has decreed are available to all believers. It instructs the believer with kingdom principles that can be activated by decreeing with your tongue the power and authority of God to legislate, regulate, enforce, establish, institute, constitute, reign, rule, and dominate over the enemy. The reader will learn how to take command of the morning through spoken declarations that activate God’s power in his or her life.

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  • Como Caminar En Poder Sobrenat


    !El Poder de los Milagros esta Disponible Hoy!

    Y estas seales seguiran a los que creen: En mi nombre echaran fuera demonios; hablaran nuevas lenguas. (Marcos 16:17)

    El poder sobrenatural esta disponible hoy para todos los creyentes, tal como lo estaba para la iglesia primitiva durante los dias de los apostoles. El poder de Dios nunca se ha extinguido, solo el entendimiento de la iglesia de como obtenerlo.
    Milagros, sanidades y liberacion de opresiones demoniacas estan disponibles para cada creyente. Ahora, a traves de la Escritura, el Apostol Maldonado le muestra como obtener los beneficios del poder sobrenatural que estan disponibles para usted, de manera que pueda:

    Desarrollar fe para los milagros

    Protegerse a si mismo de los engaos del diablo

    Operar y fluir en lo sobrenatural

    Ministrar sanidad a los enfermos

    Una vez que usted reciba la revelacion completa del Dios sobrenatural, usted podra tomar este poder y ganar el mundo para Cristo.

    Guillermo Maldonado believes the gospel message being presented today is anemic because it is not accompanied by signs and wonders confirming that Jesus has been raised from the dead, that He is alive today, and that He wants to heal and do miracles through you. Now, you can walk in the full revelation of our supernatural God.

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  • Como Formar Vencedores De Giga


    Con honestidad, humor y perspicacia biblica, los autores de exitos de ventas, Bill y Beni Johnson lo ayudan a descubrir las claves para una crianza exitosa en el reino de Dios. Padres, gobernamos con el proposito de proteccion, pero tambien servimos con el proposito de empoderar, escriben. Queremos liberar el destino para nuestros hijos, ese es el privilegio de ser padres.

    En estas paginas obtendra la sabiduria, los conceptos del reino y las herramientas practicas que necesita para ayudar a criar a sus hijos al maximo.

    Descubrira como ser padre de su singularidad, dones y fortalezas, asi como tambien como puede demostrar y revelar quien es Dios para sus hijos. Los autores tambien abordan problemas apremiantes que enfrentan los padres hoy en dia, incluyendo como:

    * Comprometerse plenamente a escuchar lo que el Seor esta diciendo sobre cada nio
    * Mantener una relacion y disciplina
    * Desarrollar el caracter
    * Entrenar a tus hijos para la adoracion
    * Avivar la llama de lo que Dios ha puesto en sus corazones
    * y mas

    No importa la edad de sus hijos, tiene una oportunidad increible de moldear sus corazones, mentes y valores. Aqui esta todo lo que necesita para ayudar a sus hijos a caminar hacia el destino de sus vidas y verlos convertirse en las personas increibles que fueron creadas para ser.

    ?With honesty, humor, and keen biblical insight, bestselling authors Bill and Beni Johnson help you discover the keys to successful parenting in God’s kingdom. Parents, we rule for the purpose of protection, but we also serve with the purpose of empowering, they write. We want to release our children into their destiny–that’s the privilege of parenting.

    In these pages you will gain the wisdom, kingdom concepts, and practical tools you need to help raise your children to their best.

    You’ll discover how to parent to their uniqueness, gifts, and strengths, as well as how you can demonstrate and reveal who God is to your kids. The authors also address pressing issues parents face today, including how to:

    * be fully engaged in hearing what the Lord is saying over each child
    * maintain relationship and discipline
    * develop character
    * train your children for worship
    * fan the flame of what God has put in their hearts
    * and more

    No matter what age your kids are, you have an incredible opportunity to shape their hearts, minds, and values. Here is everything you need to help your children walk into the destiny of their lives and see

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  • Como Identificar Y Remover Mal


    Acaso sientes que tu enfrentas influencias negativas todos los dias de tu vida? Pero, !no existe necesidad ni razon alguna para que tu sigas siendo un prisionero espiritual! A traves del poder del Espiritu Santo, tu puedes llegar a ser completamente libre de maldiciones, enfermedades, problemas economicos y amistades destructoras. El Dr. Gary Whetstone te muestra el camino para salir de la confusion que hay en tu vida para que puedes descubrir la libertad en Cristo Jesus

    What you don’t know can hurt you! Do you feel like you face negative influences every day of your life? It’s time to rise up in victory over these influences! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can gain freedom from generational curses, financial struggles, sickness and disease, and destructive associations. Join Dr. Whestone in this Spanish translation of How to Identify and Remove Curses, and discover the freedom in Christ that you were meant to have!

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  • Como Sanar A Los Enfermos


    !Nunca mas vuelva a sentirse incapaz!

    Un ser querido esta enfermo, su amigo acaba de sufrir un accidente, un familiar se enfrenta a una crisis emocional.

    Ha anhelado alguna vez desesperadamente extender su mano y llevar sanidad a esas necesidades? A veces, nuestros corazones se duelen por el deseo de ayudar, pero no sabemos como o sentimos temor y no lo hacemos. !La verdad es que el Espiritu Santo en usted esta listo para sanar a los enfermos! Charles y Frances Hunter presentan solidos metodos de sanidad con base biblica que producen no solo salud fisica sino tambien salud espiritual y vida abundante para usted, su familia y todos los que le rodean.

    Never feel helpless again!

    A loved one is sick, your friend was just in an accident, a family member is facing an emotional crisis.

    Have you ever desperately longed to reach out your hand and bring healing to these needs? At times, our hearts ache with the desire to help, but either we don’t know how, or we are afraid and stop short. The truth is, the Holy Spirit within you is ready to heal the sick! Charles and Frances Hunter present solid, biblically based methods of healing that can bring not only physical health but also spiritual health and abundant life to you, your family, and everyone around you.

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