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  • 1 Soul At A Time


    The lively story of one of the most influential evangelists of all time.For more than five decades Billy Graham (1918-2018) ranked as one of the most influential voices in the Christian world. Nearly 215 million people around the world heard him preach in person or through live electronic media, almost certainly more than any other person. For millions, Graham was less a preacher than a Protestant saint. Graham preached his gospel message to every corner of the world, but he made his mark in other ways, too. He led evangelicals out of the cultural closet and taught them how to function in the public square. His approach changed over time, from militant anti-communism to a more irenic, progressive posture. And throughout his career his preaching continued to resonate, propelled by his powerful promise of a second chance.This narrative biography of Billy Graham shows how he, more than any other individual, helped create and shape the powerful post-World War II evangelical movement in the United States and around the world.

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  • 10 Boys Who Used Their Talents


    These ten boys grew up to become men who did many different things for God. They had talents and gifts for a wide variety of things. They made sure that these talents were put to good use.

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  • 10 Girls Who Used Their Talents


    These ten girls grew up to become women who did many different things for God. They had talents and gifts for doing a wide variety of things – and they made sure that these talents were put to good use.

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  • 10 Hours To Live


    I give him ten hours to live.

    That’s what the doctor said after diagnosing twenty-two-year-old Brian Wills with one of the deadliest and fastest-growing cancers, known as Burkitt’s lymphoma. Incredibly, this rare tumor grew from the size of a golf ball to nine inches in diameter in only three days. Thus began Brian’s life-threatening battle-both physical and spiritual-to receive a full recovery by focusing on God’s powerful promises of healing. Through his incredible, true-life testimony of healing against all odds, find out how you can:
    *Overcome the most hopeless of circumstances
    *Learn how to apply God’s Word for healing
    *Build your faith for the miraculous
    *Discover joy in the midst of suffering
    *Receive comfort in times of trial

    10 Hours to Live includes many other testimonies of people who have been supernaturally healed by the power of God.

    God wants to heal you, too!

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  • 100 Extraordinary Stories For Courageous Girls


    Girls are world-changers! And this deeply inspiring storybook proves it!

    Just for the girls in your life, ages 8 and up, this collection of 100 extraordinary stories of women of faith–from the Bible, history, and today–will empower them to know and understand how women have made a difference in the world and how much smaller our faith (and the biblical record) would be without them. Featuring full-page, colorful illustrations alongside the true stories of amazing women like Lydia, Naomi, Rahab, Rebekah, Jane Austen, Corrie ten Boom, Bethany Hamilton, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, and dozens more, the stories of these 100 women will encourage and inspire girls to become the world-changers God created them to be!

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  • 100 Historias Extraordinarias


    Praying girls are world-changers! And this deeply inspiring storybook proves it!

    Just for the girls in your life, ages 8 and up, this collection of 100 extraordinary stories of praying women of faith-from the Bible, history, and today-will empower girls to know and understand how praying women have made a difference in the world and how much smaller our faith (and the biblical record) would be without them. Featuring full-page, colorful illustrations alongside the true stories of praying women like Anna, Esther, Hannah, Anne Bradstreet, Shirley Dobson, Lottie Moon, Ida Scudder, Corrie ten Boom, Phillis Wheatley, and dozens more, the stories of these 100 women will encourage and inspire girls to become the praying world-changers God created them to be!

    !Las nias que oran transforman el mundo! !Y este libro de historias profundamente inspirador asi lo demuestra!

    Ideal para las nias de tu vida, de ocho aos en adelante, esta coleccion de 100 historias extraordinarias de mujeres de oracion y de fe -de la Biblia, la historia y de hoy- empoderaran a las nias que saben y entienden como las mujeres de oracion han marcado la diferencia en el mundo, y cuanto mas pequea seria nuestra fe (y el registro biblico) sin ellas. !Con ilustraciones a toda plana y a todo color, junto a las verdaderas historias de oracion como Ana, Ester, Anne Bradstreet, Shirley Dobson, Lottie Moon, Ida Scudder, Corrie ten Boom, Phillis Wheatley y muchas mas, las historias de estas 100 mujeres alentaran e inspiraran a las nias a convertirse en las transformadoras del mundo mediante la oracion que Dios diseo que fueran!

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  • 23 Minutes In Hell


    What does an eternity in torment look like—and how can it be avoided? God allowed Wiese to spend time in the devil’s lair, and now he shares what he saw, heard, and felt. Includes hundreds of Scriptures that verify hell’s horrors plus answers to commonly asked questions about demons, children, pain, and more.

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  • 2nd Chance


    In THE SECOND CHANCE, Missionary Mira Sousa shares her life journey which begins as a poor young girl in Brazil. Her life was full of poverty and heartaches where she felt no one in the world cared about her until she came to a saving grace in the Lord Jesus Christ. Mira found out she was not alone and through her faith in God, she would overcome in this life. Prayer-her connection with God-has been her mainstay. Learn about the love of God and the power of prayer through this inspirational story. This book tells her life trajectory and how God gave her a second chance. From these pages, you are invited to not only read Mira’s story, but also experience the love of God in your life and discover the God of the second chance.

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  • 55 Days : Memoirs Of Life In God’s Hands


    It has been said there are no coincidences in life. The Bible tells us God’s timing is always perfect, even when we can’t recognize it. The death of the author’s wife revealed this clearly to him. This is the true story of how a young soldier, attracted to a young woman because of the car she drove, quickly fell in love with her beautiful soul and how it led to an incredible forty-seven-year journey together filled with love, hardships, travel and a never ending spiritual growth. Tom Glenn’s wife died just fifty-five days after her first ER visit. As he wrote their story, Tom came to realize that he had spontaneously proposed to her, without benefit of a ring or prior planning, by taking a giant leap on July 20, 1969, just fifty-five days after their first date. As they watched the lunar landing and listened to Neil Armstrong’s words, Tom found himself saying, Speaking of giant leaps would you marry me? She accepted and their journey together began. Biblical numerologists believe five means hand and fifty-five means God’s hands. This is the story of two lives lived in God’s hands which led to ongoing spiritual growth.

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  • 7 Men : And The Secret Of Their Greatness


    In Seven Men, New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas presents seven exquisitely crafted short portraits of widely known-but not well understood-Christian men, each of whom uniquely showcases a commitment to live by certain virtues in the truth of the gospel. Written in a beautiful and engaging style, Seven Men addresses what it means (or should mean) to be a man today, at a time when media and popular culture present images of masculinity that are not the picture presented in Scripture and historic civil life. What does it take to be a true exemplar as a father, brother, husband, leader, coach, counselor, change agent, and wise man? What does it mean to stand for honesty, courage, and charity, especially at times when the culture and the world run counter to those values? Each of the seven biographies represents the life of a man who experienced the struggles and challenges to be strong in the face of forces and circumstances that would have destroyed the resolve of lesser men.
    Each of the seven men profiled-George Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie Robinson, John Paul II, and Charles Colson-call the reader to a more elevated walk and lifestyle, one that embodies the gospel in the world around us.

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  • 7 More Men


    In Seven More Men, the sequel to the enormously successful Seven Men, #1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas offers more captivating stories of some of the most inspiring men in history. A gallery of greatness comes to life as Metaxas reveals men who faced insurmountable struggles and challenges with victorious resolve.

    Heroes and role models have always been tremendously important–essential for inspiring our lives and shaping the world. But in the last few decades, the need for men of valor and integrity is more vital than ever. Award-winning biographer Eric Metaxas restores a sense of the heroic in the compelling profiles of Martin Luther, George Whitefield, William Booth, George Washington Carver, Sergeant Alvin York, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and Billy Graham. Each man evinces a particular quality: the courage to surrender themselves to a higher purpose, and the willingness to give something dear to them away for the good of others.

    With vitality and warmth, Metaxas draws electrifying insights for our daily lives from the inexhaustible richness of history. Inevitably inspiring, this anthology reminds us that certain qualities are worthy of emulation. Becoming acquainted with these seven heroes cannot fail to make your life immeasurably richer.

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  • 7 Women : And The Secret Of Their Greatness


    In his eagerly anticipated follow-up to the enormously successful Seven Men, New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas gives us seven captivating portraits of some of history’s greatest women, each of whom changed the course of history by following God’s call upon their lives-as women. Each of the world-changing figures who stride across these pages-Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Maria Skobtsova, Corrie ten Boom, Mother Teresa, and Rosa Parks-is an exemplary model of true womanhood. Teenaged Joan of Arc followed God’s call and liberated her country, dying a heroic martyr’s death. Susanna Wesley had nineteen children and gave the world its most significant evangelist and its greatest hymn-writer, her sons John and Charles. Corrie ten Boom, arrested for hiding Dutch Jews from the Nazis, survived the horrors of a concentration camp to astonish the world by forgiving her tormentors. And Rosa Parks’ deep sense of justice and unshakeable dignity and faith helped launch the twentieth-century’s greatest social movement. Writing in his trademark conversational and engaging style, Eric Metaxas reveals how the other extraordinary women in this book achieved their greatness, inspiring readers to lives shaped by the truth of the gospel.

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  • Abraham : One Nomads Amazing Journey Of Faith


    When we rewind history back to Abraham’s era, we encounter people who concocted false superstitions to explain the unexplainable. Powerful kings claimed to be gods, building massive pyramids to achieve immortality. Out of this mass of misunderstandings, one man emerged. The man we know today as Abraham not only claimed that one true Creator existed but also staked his entire life on this belief. Why, thousands of years later, are we still discussing the faith of this desert nomad? One of America’s most popular Bible teachers, Pastor Chuck Swindoll, answers that question and many more in this compelling and insightful biography that will inspire your own faith.

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  • Amazing Grace : William Wilberforce And The Heroic Campaign To End Slavery


    A companion biography to Walden Media’s major feature film (April 2007) by the same name, that tells the story of England’s heoric abolitionist on the 200th anniversary of the defeat of slavery.

    Hero to Abraham Lincoln and an inspiration to the anti-slavery movement in America, Wilberforce worked tirelessly for the cessation of slavery in England. In this magisterial biography, Metaxas chronicles Wilberforce’s conversion to evangelical Christianity and his 20-year battle to abolish the slave trade in the British empire. An extraordinary portrait of a true Christian statesman.

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  • Amazing Grace Abounding Love


    Feeling alone and afraid, six-year-old Darlene hides under the porch, crying. When her sister finds her, Darlene is unable to explain the fear she faces at nighttime.

    Later, as a wife and a mother, she processes the impact of the sexual abuse while struggling with depression. Through this deep emotional pain, she recognizes that Christ has already won the victory over Satan. But can she forgive her father? And can she find peace as she sets out to learn the truth about her biological mother?

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  • Amazing Works Of John Newton


    John Newton was one of the most prolific letter writers, preachers, and hymn writers of all time. His hymns and his letters are filled with great theology and pastoral doctrine, and his
    sermons reach into the depths of the scriptures and apply them to his hearers in such a manner that anyone taking them to heart and applying them would experience the deepest kind of Christian life.

    Everything John Newton wrote came out of the depths of his personal spiritual journey from a slaver to a saint. It is a journey that shows any sinner there is hope in Jesus Christ, and teach every Christian that God never stops working, never stops watching over and protecting, never stops picking up, and never stops cleansing and sanctifying His children in Christ.

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  • Arne Bryan : Pioneer Of Prayer Canada


    Arne Bryan, pioneer of Prayer Canada, simply obeyed the call of God to raise up Christian prayer for Canada’s leaders at all levels of government. He did it in his own way-just being the man that God made him. Watch how God moulded him through both historic and personal challenges. Catch his infectious faith as you read how he inspired hundreds of faithful prayer warriors to maintain a constant prayer watch for the men and women in parliaments and councils across this country.
    Arne Bryan had already lived a good lifespan when the call of God came to him. Why him? Why then? And how did he overcome the impossibilities of the huge job the Lord wanted him to do?

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  • Around The World On 50 Bucks


    Christopher Schacht shares his incredible experiences, revealing what he has learned along the way about life, love, and God, describing touching and bizarre encounters and insights that aren’t found in any travel guide.

    Christopher Schacht was only nineteen years old and had just finished his apprenticeship when he put a dream into motion. With only 50 euros in savings, he traveled around the world, relying only on his friendliness, flexibility, charm, and willingness to work for his shelter and food.

    Christopher traveled for four years, visiting 45 countries and traversing 100,000 kilometers on foot, hitchhiking, and on sailboats. He has earned his living as a jeweler, locksmith, au pair, and fashion model. He lived among aborigines and drug dealers and has journeyed through the most politically unstable areas of the Middle East.

    My plan was not to have a plan, just live without schedules and time pressure, where I could stay in places that I enjoyed until I was ready to move on.

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  • Autobiography Of George Muller




    1. An Unlikely Preacher
    2. The Prodigal’s Return
    3. Stepping Out Into Ministry
    4. Preaching, Studying, And Growth
    5. Learning To Live By Faith
    6. Beginning The Ministry At Bristol
    7. The Scriptural Knowledge Institution
    8. Proving God’s Faithfulness
    9. The Ministry Expands
    10. Persevering Under Trial
    11. Trusting God For Every Need
    12. Asking And Receiving
    13. Looking To The Lord
    14. Faith Strengthened By Exercise
    15. Daily Prayer And Timely Answers
    16. Food For Growing Faith
    17. A Time Of Prosperity
    18. God Builds A Miracle
    19. Answering God’s Call To Service
    20. A New Victory Of Faith
    22. Receiving More To Give More
    23. More Work And Greater Miracles
    24. Continued Prosperity And Growth
    25. The Spirit’s Work Among Us
    Conclusion P. 236

    Additional Info
    What can be accomplished in an ordinary man who trusts in an extraordinary God? George Muller discovered the endless possibilities!

    These excerpts from his diary allow Muller to tell his own story. Join him on his journey from a life of sin and rebellion to his glorious conversion. Share his struggles and triumphs as he establishes orphan homes to care for thousands of English children, depending upon God’s response to his prayer of faith to supply all things. You will learn how to:

    *pray in faith and receive answers
    *seek God for direction
    *find the ultimate purpose for your life
    *rest in God’s loving care

    George Muller’s unwavering, childlike dependence upon his heavenly Father will inspire you to confidently trust the God of the impossible in every area of your life.

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  • Bamboozled By Jesus


    Yvonne Orji is a thriving stand-up comic and actress, best known as Issa Rae’s BFF on the HBO series, Insecure. Now, as author and yournew best friend, Yvonne shares the secret to the life of your dreams.

    In her new book, Bamboozled by Jesus, Yvonne hilariously – and with tremendous wisdom – exposes the trials and victories she has experienced on the way to the life of her dreams. Whatever greatness, whatever joy we may hope for, Yvonne is here to tell us that God has something even bigger and better in store for us – if we can just trust Him and be open to having our minds blown by His goodness, His creativity, and His knack for surprises! From her early days as a wedding emcee and struggling comic to her recent Emmy nomination, Yvonne’s story will encourage you to believe that more is possible for your own life when you let go and embrace the adventure.

    Whether you’re a college graduate coming up with your next step or a 30-something experiencing a sudden change in career or relationship status, Yvonne is here to remind you God has custom-designed your life to be magnificent, and by default, the magnificent is uncertain. Living your best life forces you beyond your capacity and demands reckless abandon of your comfort zone.

    Along with her own captivating stories, Yvonne takes a thoughtful look into the lives of some of her favorite characters from the Bible, breathing new life and fresh perspective into familiar stories about bravery, resilience, and taking risks. If you’re truly ready to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, hold on for the ride and be prepared to be bamboozled into a new way of thinking about embracing your unique destiny.

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  • Banana Man


    The true story of how a demeaning nickname opened amazing doors for the gospel–and how you can overcome your own fears in sharing your faith.

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  • Becoming C S Lewis


    The writings of C. S. Lewis cannot be fully understood apart from a grasp of his formative adolescent years. Unfortunately, many biographies speed over this important season of Lewis’s life. Slowing down to focus on his younger years, this detailed portrait of Jack Lewis helps us discover seeds of what would inform his later writings-such as his delight in literature, his key relationships, his suffering and struggles, and his intense pursuit of joy. The chapters unfold the habits and tastes he developed while at boarding school, in college, and in the army, revealing where we see these themes appear in his works-bringing to life the man readers have come to know as C. S. Lewis.

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  • Behind The Laughter


    Behind the Laughter is a powerful story of experiencing God’s sustaining presence in the darkest moments and the sweetest dreams. Now available in trade paper.

    How do you keep going when your world is falling apart?

    In this stirring memoir, Anthony Griffith and his wife of more than thirty years, Brigitte Travis-Griffin, share the powerful story of living between life’s funniest moments and its most heartbreaking tragedies.

    Just as Anthony’s career in stand-up comedy launched him onto the stage of The Tonight Show, he and Brigitte faced the unimaginable pain of their two-year-old daughter’s battle with cancer. In Behind the Laughter they ask, Where do you find hope when your earthly dreams shatter?

    Find true inspiration along with laugh-out-loud humor in this remarkable story of resilience and grace in the face of loss.

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  • Believe It : My Journey Of Success Failure And Overcoming The Odds


    Get ready to defy the odds when everyone’s counting you out.
    When the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback went down with a torn ACL in week 14 of the 2017 NFL season, many fans–and commentators–assumed the Eagles’ season was over.

    Instead, Nick Foles came off the bench and, against all odds, led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory in history.

    How did Nick get it done–winning MVP honors, silencing the critics, and shocking the world? How did the man who was on the verge of retiring just two seasons earlier stay optimistic and rally the team to an astounding win? How did he stay ready despite numerous trades and discouraging injuries, able to step up in the moment and perform at the top of his game?

    Believe It offers a behind-the-scenes look at Nick’s unlikely path to the Super Bowl, the obstacles that threatened to hold him back, his rediscovery of his love for the game, and the faith that grounded him through it all. Learn from the way Nick handled the trials and tribulations that made him into the man he is today–and discover a path to your own success.

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  • Bertha : Shine Like The Dawn


    Bertha: Shine Like the Dawn is the true story of Bertha, the author’s great-grandmother, born into relative wealth and comfort in 1860 Germany, orphaned as a baby, and begrudgingly raised by two sets of grandparents.

    Violated by her uncle at seventeen, Bertha becomes pregnant and is quickly married off to a man beneath her standing. After enduring years of domestic violence and forced pregnancies, she finally walks away with four young children and with only her grandmother in Berlin for support. Once there, Bertha finds love with a mysterious man–but will it last?

    Bertha, who lives through the turn of the century, the sinking of the Titanic, the First World War, the Spanish Flu, The Great Depression, and the Second World War, accepts whatever life gives her, with courage and passion, but most of all with love.

    This is a tender romance, filled with compassion and many unexpected turns in life. Bertha experiences unbelievable trials, tribulations, and triumphs, as well as great love and great loss. Readers will cheer for her, cry for her, and love with her.

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  • Betty Greene : The Girl Who Longed To Fly


    Betty Greene (1920-1997) wanted to learn to fly from the age of 7. And with some money given to her by her uncle, that’s exactly what she did.

    When World War II started, Betty used her skills to serve with the Women Airforce Service Pilots (also known as WASPs). She even became part of a research project that sent pilots way up high, through the stratosphere!

    Once the war had ended, she brought her passion for flying and her passion for the Lord Jesus together, and helped to set up a mission which is known today as the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

    Throughout her life, Betty made over 4,640 flights and served in 12 countries, landing in around 20 more.

    Children will enjoy this beautifully illustrated children’s biography, which can be read to young children aged 4-5 and read by children aged 6 plus.

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  • Between The Swastika And The Sickle


    On February 15, 1946, the Soviet NKVD raided the home of Ernst Lohmeyer just hours before his inauguration as the president of Greifswald University in Germany. Lohmeyer had survived active duty in both World War I and World War II. A New Testament scholar and theologian, he resisted the rise of Nazi fascism as a member of the Confessing Church. But the Soviet occupation of Germany was even more repressive than Nazi domination. With the exception of one letter from prison, Lohmeyer was never heard from again. In Between the Swastika and the Sickle James R. Edwards recounts the story of Lohmeyer’s life, his theological achievements, his courageous resistance to the forces of political repression-not least against Jews in Nazi Germany-and the events surrounding his death. But the book also includes Edwards’s intrepid search for the legacy of this brilliant and courageous scholar, whose story is made even more compelling by the tumultuous interplay of faith and politics in twenty-first-century America.

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  • Beyond Valor : A World War 2 Story Of Extraordinary Heroism, Sacrificial Lo


    A miraculous true story of a soldier’s unspeakable heroism, a teenage woman’s unfailing love, and the faith that secured them all.

    On April 12, 1945, as a fleet of American B-29 bombers flew toward Japan, disaster struck: a phosphorous bomb detonated inside one of the planes. Staff Sergeant Henry E. Red Erwin absorbed the blast of burning phosphorous and threw overboard the still-flaming bomb, then collapsed from the third-degree burns over much of his body.

    Erwin’s plane diverted to a military hospital to try to save him, and President Truman ordered Erwin be awarded the Medal of Honor. General Curtis LeMay ordered a squad of airmen on a 1,000-mile mission to smash their way into a display case and steal a medal of honor before Erwin died.

    Meanwhile, a courageous teenage bride set out on her own mission, one of against-all-odds healing. Her mission’s success would mean an entirely new destiny for the twenty-three-year-old warrior–and years later make possible the birth of the book’s author, Jon Erwin. For Love and Honor is an extraordinary tale of bravery, heroism, faith, and devotion.

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  • Billy Graham : An Ordinary Man And His Extraordinary God


    You have no idea how sick I get of the name Billy Graham, and how wonderful and thrilling the name Christ sounds to my ears, said Billy Graham. So, then, why another book about him?

    Lon Allison, an evangelist himself, and popular evangelical pastor in Wheaton, Illinois, has learned much from Billy. Allison retells the highlights of what has been, by any objective account, a fascinating life, and tells it is a way that resonates with the Graham legacy of serving God and seeking to spread the Good News. Every stage of Graham’s life is included, even the rough spots, with appreciation and a desire to answer the question: What can we learn from the life and ministry of Billy Graham? What is his legacy? What was his message and how might it still be relevant for today.

    Foreword by Dr. Leighton Ford and Jean Graham Ford.

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  • Billy Graham : The Man I Knew


    He was a lanky, handsome, girl-crazed dairyman’s son from North Carolina who wanted to become a major league baseball player. Nothing more than that.

    Yet he ended up becoming history’s best-known evangelist and one of the most powerful religious figures of all time.

    Billy Graham was a country preacher who became an American institution for almost six decades-counseling presidents, world leaders, Hollywood stars, the queen of England, gangsters, soldiers, and the common man alike.

    He was a modern-day prophet who helped heal America in the most trying times-including desegregation, Watergate, Vietnam, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and Hurricane Katrina.

    This humble man of God preached to more than eighty million people in person and two billion on live broadcasts at more than four hundred Crusades and global conferences. He reached countless billions more through television, newspapers, radio, books, and film.

    Billy Graham: The Man I Knew is a detailed recounting of Graham’s extraordinary life through the eyes of fellow evangelist Greg Laurie. This book offers to readers how Graham grew up, his desires as a young man, and his reluctant transformation into an obedient and humble voice of the Lord and shepherd to needy people. Here is his vision for humanity and how he achieved so much in his ninety-nine years on this earth.

    Pastor, evangelist, and author Greg Laurie, who was a close friend to Graham for more than a quarter-century, presents a warm yet historically accurate portrait of the man, offering candid, keen, one-of-a-kind insights into America’s Preacher and the most important minister of the twentieth century.

    Billy Graham was known for his relentless Gospel preaching that stands apart in history. He’s celebrated as the greatest of all evangelists. Believing that Christ belongs to all people, Graham spoke to all religions, races, and nationalities, believing that lost people everywhere hunger for God’s Word and personal salvation.

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  • Born To Give


    How does God get the Word out to a lost and dying world?

    This book will inspire you to see yourself as a tool for God’s kingdom. God has a ministry for everyone, and He will use what you make available to Him.

    Missionary-preacher David Grant’s name has become synonymous in the Assemblies of God with riveting storytelling that makes listeners laugh one minute and cry the next. Very human stories of a kid growing up in Southern parsonages mix with deeply moving stories that expose great human need around the world and the great heart of our compassionate God who cares for the neediest and exploited.

    In Born to Give, Grant tells his own riveting story, of a young boy who gave God his life in an offering pan at the invitation of a legendary missionary and became a missionary to the nations, ministering throughout Southern Asia, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and to victims of sexual slavery. Inspiring both laughter and tears, Born to Give is a refreshing and real story that will lead readers to place their own lives and resources in God’s miracle-working hands and engage with Him to bring hope in a broken, unjust world.

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  • Brave Face : Two Cultures Two Families, And The Iraqi Girl Who Bound Them T


    The inspirational story of a woman who moved mountains to provide medical care for an Iraqi girl badly burned during a roadside attack, Barbara Marlowe’s determination to fight for her future daughter highlights the way love can reach across both cultures and continents.

    Barbara Marlowe was in her fifties when she saw the photo that changed her life. It was a photo of four-year-old Teeba Furat Fadhil, whose face, head, and hands had been severely burned during a roadside bombing in the Diyala Province of Iraq when she was just nineteen months old. It was Teeba’s eyes that captivated Barbara. They were wide, dark, and soulful. They seemed to cry out with a message across continents: Help me.

    The story of Barbara responding to that call is as inspiring as it is improbable. With a powerful faith and determination, Barbara overcame obstacle after obstacle to bring Teeba to the United States for medical treatments–and to ultimately offer a home.

    A Brave Face includes material written by Teeba and her Iraqi mother, Dunia, at key moments in their stories. The book also explores the connection forged between Barbara and Dunia over the past decade–a connection that has survived the strife of war and the horrors of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In the end, this story highlights the power of love to reach across both cultures and continents.

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  • Brave Heroes And Bold Defenders


    Meet men who have used their God-given talents to live out their faith to the fullest. They come from a variety of backgrounds, eras, and ethnicities, but each one has answered the Lord’s call on their life in bold and innovative ways.

    Children of all ages will be inspired by the stories of:
    *C.S. Lewis-professor and author of the influential Chronicles of Narnia series
    *Tim Tebow-athlete, Heisman trophy winner, and outspoken follower of Christ
    *Chuck Colson-author, political advisor, and criminal turned prison reformer
    *John Newton-clergyman, abolitionist, and writer of Amazing Grace
    *Father Damien-priest who dedicated his life to helping lepers in Hawaii

    These and the 45 other defenders of the faith featured in this book have made a profound impact on the world around them, and in many cases changed the course of history. Strong, smart, and sometimes outspoken, these men are tremendous examples of God’s love in action.

    These inspiring profiles will captivate kids’ imaginations and encourage them to discover their own gifts and how they can use them to glorify God.

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  • Brave Surrender : Let God’s Love Rewrite Your Story


    Kim Walker Smith’s passionate performance of How He Loves helped transform Jesus Culture into a global worship movement. Brave Surrender is the story of how Kim journeyed from a place of shame and fear to stages around the world where she boldly proclaims the unconditional love of God. Through her own story, Kim inspires us to experience true freedom and healing with Jesus.

    Coming from a painful childhood, Kim struggled to believe that God could heal her heart or bring any sense from her past. Yet when faced with the choice to hand her struggles over to God and receive His love in return, everything began to change. On the other side of surrender, Kim began a journey of looking at one painful memory at a time with God and exchanging her perspective for His truth – a journey in which God rewrote her story of pain into a story of redemption and hope.

    If you are longing to experience God more than the shame or hurts of your past, the pressures of your present, or the fear of your future, Brave Surrender offers a soul-healing path forward. As Kim learned in her own life, the first step – and the bravest step – is letting go. Once we let go of anything that gets between us and God, we are freed to take hold of the life that truly matters. As Kim writes, When we encounter God’s love, it changes the way we see. And when we learn to see what He sees, we will never be the same again.

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  • Burning In My Bones


    This essential authorized biography offers unique insights into the experiences and spiritual convictions that shaped the unforgettable life of Eugene Peterson, iconic American pastor and beloved translator of bestselling Bible paraphrase The Message.

    For millions of Christians, Eugene Peterson’s trusted voice provided honesty, joy, and peace amid the cacophony of modern faith, beautifully showing what it means to live in faithful presence with God. But less well known is his story: how the son of a small-town Montana butcher became known as America’s Pastor, a quiet force whose ministry and writing touched hearts from Montana to the White House.

    In this authorized biography, pastor and writer Winn Collier artfully sketches the scope of Peterson’s remarkable life, from his childhood in the wilds of the American West, through the shaping influences on his faith and biblical study, to his personal struggles and deep, overcoming faith. Drawing on his years-long friendship with Eugene and exclusive access to his journals, letters, photographs, and family lore, Collier’s work is broad in scope and fascinating in subject–an inspiring portrait of an unforgettable spiritual life. Warm, fascinating, and uniquely inspirational, A Burning in My Bones is the authoritative and comprehensive story of this wise, humble, and influential man.

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  • By His Grace I Did It


    This book is a poignant story of how one woman, by the help of the Holy Spirit, overcame many obstacles in life to fulfill the call of God placed on her life as a child. You will be stirred by her experiences on the mission field, both dangerous challenges and powerful victories. You will be enlightened as she shares from her heart revelations the Lord has given her and prophetic insights, He has communicated to her in dreams. As you read this inspiring story of one woman’s walk of faith, it will stir courage in your heart to say Yes to God–regardless of what He calls you to do or where He tells you to go. Don’t try to figure it out first. Just do it-like Claudia Rogers-and God will meet you there.

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  • Canary In The Coal Mine


    One doctor’s courageous fight to save a small town from a silent epidemic that threatened the community’s future-and exposed a national health crisis.

    When Dr. Will Cooke, an idealistic young physician just out of medical training, set up practice in the small rural community of Austin, Indiana, he had no idea that much of the town was being torn apart by poverty, addiction, and life-threatening illnesses. But he soon found himself at the crossroads of two unprecedented health-care disasters: a national opioid epidemic and the worst drug-fueled HIV outbreak ever seen in rural America.

    Confronted with Austin’s hidden secrets, Dr. Cooke decided he had to do something about them. In taking up the fight for Austin’s people, however, he would have to battle some unanticipated foes: prejudice, political resistance, an entrenched bureaucracy-and the dark despair that threatened to overwhelm his own soul. : Canary in the Coal Mine is a gripping account of the transformation of a man and his adopted community, a compelling and ultimately hopeful read in the vein of Hillbilly Elegy, Dreamland, and Educated.

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  • Cancer On Two Wheels


    After Chris Haga is diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, he candidly shares his spiritual battles with hope and faith that God will heal him. He has an exceptional way of putting a positive spin on living life with terminal cancer as he relates what he learns from the hand dealt him. Cherished personal memories give us a peek into his family life and inspire us to reflect on who and what is important to us. The author’s introspective insights encourage us to challenge our faith while experiencing our own trials.

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  • Child Is The Father Of The Man


    Tom J. Nettles examines the life of one of the world’s most famous preachers. He isolates key convictions that appears in Spurgeon’s life either before or immediately after his conversion, and traces them through his life as he develops into the charming, interesting, confident, humble, spiritual-minded man and pastor whose work and witness dominated evangelicalism in the last half of the nineteenth century.

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  • Choosing To SEE (Reprinted)


    When it first released in September 2010, Choosing to SEE stormed onto bestseller lists in every market, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and CBA. With appearances on media from Focus on the Family to FOX and Friends to Good Morning America, Mary Beth shared her touching story to critical acclaim.

    Mary Beth’s story is our story–wondering where God is when the worst happens. In Choosing to SEE, readers will hear firsthand about the loss of her daughter, the struggle to heal, and the unexpected path God has placed her on. Includes a 16-page full color photo insert.

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