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Biblical Studies

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  • 1 Corinthians : Discern The Difference Between Mans Knowledge And Gods Wisd


    In first-century Greece, a fledgling church was struggling to live out their new faith in a corrupt culture. The congregation at Corinth was mired in contradiction, heralding the power of spiritual gifts and knowledge, yet foolishly engaging in sinful behavior. This troubled church inspired the apostle Paul to write one of his most extraordinary letters.

    The Wiersbe Bible Study Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s Word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular BE series of commentaries, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups or individuals, this eight-week study explores Paul’s call for wisdom in the life of the believer, a truth that remains as relevant as ever.

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  • 1 Faithful Life


    From Dr. John MacArthur, author of the bestselling One Perfect Life, a compelling new look at the world-changing ministry of the apostle Paul.

    In One Faithful Life, you’ll encounter in a new way the life and writings of the apostle Paul. Weaving together Paul’s writings to the early church against the background of the Gospels and the dramatic story of Paul’s life as told in the book of Acts, One Faithful Life brings into vivid focus not only Paul’s biography, but also the circumstances and context underlying the epistles that make up most of the New Testament. Pairing Scripture text from the beautiful and trustworthy New King James Version with Dr. MacArthur’s section introductions and verse-by-verse explanations, One Faithful Life presents a powerful and encouraging vision of a life devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Features include:
    –A complete harmony of Paul’s life and writings, yielding insights about the early church and the spread of the gospel
    –Verse-by-verse explanations, section introductions, and commentary from trusted Bible teacher John MacArthur
    –New King James Version

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  • 1 John : Turning From Hypocrisy To Truth


    A religious climate filled with false teachings. Christians whose lives don’t line up with their words. A seductive world that distorts the truth. Sound familiar? These issues have challenged believers since the early church. The book of 1 John examines what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. This study examines themes that are relevant to every believer, and encourages us to be real in our faith, our words, and our lifestyle.

    The Wiersbe Bible Studies Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s Word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular BE series, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups, this eight-week study features selected commentaries from Be Real, engaging questions, and practical applications, all designed to help you connect God’s word with your life.

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  • 1 Kings : Being Good Stewards Of God’s Gifts


    When King David died, he left behind a peaceful kingdom that was following God. Most of the subsequent kings and prophets, however, failed to obey God, and so the nation suffered under exile and oppression.This book of 1 Kings reminds us that moral responsibility in leadership is needed today as much as it was needed in the age of Israel’s kings. This study will challenge you to take ownership of your habits and choices, with eternity in mind.

    The Wiersbe Bible Study Series delivers practical, in-depth guides to selected books of the Bible. Featuring insights from Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s Be Responsible commentary, this eight-week study includes engaging questions and practical applications that will help you connect God’s Word with your life.

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  • 1 Samuel : Attaining Wealth That Money Cant Buy


    We all want to achieve certain goals in our careers, relationships, and finances. But how do we pursue our dreams without getting lost in our desires? Based on Wiersbe’s Be Successful commentary, this exploration of 1 Samuel follows King David’s life to illustrate that true success is found through developing good character traits, conduct, and lifestyle.

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  • 10 Words That Will Change Everything You Know About God


    The Bible teaches that we will experience God based on how we perceive Him. Incidentally, it’s the same with God, people, and the world at large; we are never fully experiencing anyone as they are as much as the way we perceive them.

    Contrary to what religion has pushed down our throats for centuries, God is proactively attempting to give us life at its best! But like the children of Israel, because of our beliefs, we limit what God can do in our lives.

    What if we could identify just 10 words that, when properly understood, could change the way we perceive and experience God and open our hearts to an entirely new level of hope, faith and optimism?

    Would you want to know those 10 Words? That’s what this book is all about!

    These are the words that:
    -Religion deliberately mistranslated to make you see God has harsh and vengeful!
    -Reveal the love of God beyond anything you’ve ever imagined!
    -Remove the veil from your heart that limits how what you can receive from God!
    -Make walking with God easy and light!
    -Will make you fall deeper in Love with God.
    -Develop an immovable trust in Him.

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  • 12 Tribes Of Israel Pamphlet


    Enjoy having a simple overview on the 12 Tribes of Israel at your fingertips. See each tribe’s symbol, meaning, history, and other fascinating facts at a glance. Includes incredible visual aids, such as a full-color map, family tree, Tabernacle diagram, and more.

    Almost every person in the Bible belonged to one of the 12 Tribes of Israel based on their ancestry: From Moses who was a Levite to the Apostle Paul who was Benjaminite. Each tribe had its own history, land, and heritage. Now you can easily grasp the backstory of each tribe and see key information at a glance! For example, find out the significance of Jesus being called the Lion of Judah. For each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, you will get-
    *A quick overview of its meaning, size, family history, location, and more.
    *A picture of the tribe’s symbol (such as the lion from the Tribe of Judah)
    *Simple summary of Jacob’s blessing, Moses’ blessing, and other key events related to each tribe. (Find out the major battles, controversies, and scandals that impacted each tribe. Plus, see which important Bible people came from each tribe of Israel.)

    Perfect for individual or group use. 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

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  • 2 Corinthians : God Can Turn Your Trials Into Triumphs


    Introducing a new study in The Wiersbe Bible Study Series that are perfect for group or individual study. Each book includes interactive questions, stories. Illustrations, and flexible formats. It’s all the depth and richness of Dr. Warren W Wiersbe’s Bible teaching for a new generation of students.

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  • 2 Kings And 2 Chronicles


    Just as God’s people did during the time of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles, we face pressure today to conform to our culture. But just as the Israelites discovered thousands of years ago, conformity comes at a high price. This in-depth study of two kingdoms calls you to stand out from the crowd in work, relationships, and faith. When you choose to be distinct, you can offer hope and light to a needy world.

    The Wiersbe Bible Study Series delivers practical, in-depth guides to selected books of the Bible. Featuring insights from Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s Be Distinct commentary, this eight-week study includes engaging questions and practical applications that will help you connect God’s Word with your life.

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  • 2 Samuel And 1 Chronicles


    Perfect for group or individual study, this in-depth study of Ezekiel takes us beyond our casual attitude toward God and inspires us to worship Him as a glorious, holy Lord who wants us to know Him more. Includes interactive questions, stories, illustrations, and flexible formats.

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  • 2nd Coming Of Christ


    The King Is Coming!

    Have you ever tried to imagine what Christ’s return will be like? As you explore the Scriptures with Charles Spurgeon in this book, you will discover…
    *The circumstances that will surround Christ’s second coming
    *What will actually happen during Jesus’ reentry to Earth
    *What it means to watch for the Lord’s reappearance
    *How to prepare yourself for His return
    *How to insure the safety and acceptance of your loved ones
    *The heavenly rewards that are laid up for the righteous
    *How you are to act until Christ comes again

    Christ’s first Advent altered the course of all mankind, forever changing our destiny. His second coming will have an even greater impact as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords returns to earth, intervening in one moment to claim His bride and to judge all of humanity.

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  • 30 Minute Bible


    We know about the Bible. We may know some Bible stories, or maybe we’ve even read large portions for ourselves. But what it’s really all about? How do all the different pieces fit together? Without a sense of the big story the Bible is telling, we’ll miss out on the good news God has for us. In The 30-Minute Bible, experienced Bible teachers Craig Bartholomew and Paige Vanosky present the story of Scripture in thirty short readings, each designed to take about half an hour. Each includes a passage from the Bible and a short chapter explaining how the passage fits into the Bible’s wider narrative. Written in straightforward and clear language, the readings are accompanied by Brother Martin Erspamer’s lovely illustrations. Discover the timeless story of the Bible–in thirty minutes a day for thirty days.

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  • 40 Days Through Genesis


    The opening scenes in the story of redemption are essential for understanding what the rest of the Bible has to say about God, the world, and you. As you uncover the mysteries of the beginning of time, you’ll discover how the sovereign God cares for the world, blesses those who walk in faith, and keeps his covenant promises. To help you personally interact with the vital truths of Genesis, trusted Bible teacher Ron Rhodes provides…Scripture Readings and Insights–short passages of Genesis and easy-to-understand notes on each verse Major Themes–brief summaries of the most important ideas Cross-References–several other passages you can look up on relevant topics Life Lessons–practical applications to everyday life Questions for Reflection and Discussion–thought-provoking conversation starters for group discussions or personal journalingUse this 40-day journey alone or with friends to fortify the foundations of your faith.

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  • 40 Questions About Baptism And The Lords Supper


    40 Questions About Baptism and the Lords Supper, appropriate for the student and thoughtful layperson, answers forty of the most common and most difficult questions about the two Protestant ordinances. There is significant diversity of views on these subjects and the skilled, even-handed biblical analysis sheds lights on the many theological and pastoral considerations regarding baptism and communion. Baptism and the Lords Supper are practiced by almost all Christian churches, but they disagree on the meaning, proper participants, even the proper names for these observances. This book includes the major theological issues (such as infant baptism, open and closed communion, and the nature of Gods activity in these celebrations), the views held by different denominations (from Roman Catholic to Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, and others), and a number of practical issues (such as the proper age at which to baptize a child, the frequency with which the Lords Supper should be observed, and whether these two practices should be observed only in churches). This volume will be helpful to pastors, worship leaders, college and seminary students, and of interest to all Christians who want to grow in their understanding of these two basic Christian acts of worship. Each chapter is succinct and readable, with footnotes indicating additional sources for those who wish to go further.|40 Questions About Baptism and the Lords Supper, appropriate for the student and thoughtful layperson, answers forty of the most common and most difficult questions about the two Protestant ordinances. There is significant diversity of views on these subjects and the skilled, even-handed biblical analysis sheds lights on the many theological and pastoral considerations regarding baptism and communion. Baptism and the Lords Supper are practiced by almost all Christian churches, but they disagree on the meaning, proper participants, even the proper names for these observances. This book includes the major theological issues (such as infant baptism, open and closed communion, and the nature of Gods activity in these celebrations), the views held by different denominations (from Roman Catholic to Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, and others), and a number of practical issues (such as the proper age at which to baptise a child, the frequency with which the Lords Supper should be observed, and whether these two practices should be observed only in churches). This volume will be helpful to pastors, worsh

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  • 40 Questions About The End Times


    Even-handed, biblical, and broadly accessible answers to the most frequently asked questions about the return of Christ This newest contribution to the 40 Questions series continues the tradition of excellent research presented in accessible language and clear writing. Designed for both students and general readers, this resource helps them make sense of one of the Bible’s most difficult topics.

    Schnabel, a professor at a leading seminary and the author of several major works, looks at the future of the world, the church, and Israel; the return of Jesus; and the millennium and the final judgment. He answers questions related to the rapture, the 144,000, the identity of the two witnesses, Armageddon, how to interpret Revelation, heaven and hell, and so forth. The result is an even-handed treatment that avoids sensationalism and a newspaper headline approach to prophecy, that is, interpreting prophecy according to current events. Rather, Schnabel carefully studies the biblical text in light of its first-century context and draws biblically-based conclusions.

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  • 5 Minute Visual Guide To The Bible


    Want to read the Bible but find it daunting?

    Wish there was a guide to simplify the overall storyline?

    Think it would help to see the people, places, and events?

    The Five-Minute Visual Guide to the Bible is designed to make scripture easier to approach. . .and come alive when you do. This brand-new guide keys beautiful, full-color illustrations-classic paintings, landscape and artifact photos, maps and charts-to a helpful chronological time line of God’s Word.

    Inside, you’ll find clear, succinct descriptions of:
    *major divisions
    *doctrines of God’s Word, along with numerous related references if you’d like to study further.

    The Five-Minute Visual Guide to the Bible will point you to the most important, interesting, and inspiring aspects of scripture, helping you to get more from your time in God’s Word.

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  • 5 Things Biblical Scholars Wish Theologians Knew


    The disciplines of biblical studies and theology should serve each other, and they should serve both the church and the academy together.

    But the relationship between them is often marked by misunderstandings, methodological differences, and cross-discipline tension. New Testament scholar Scot McKnight here highlights five things he wishes theologians knew about biblical studies. In a companion volume, theologian Hans Boersma reflects on five things he wishes biblical scholars knew about theology. With an irenic spirit as well as honesty about differences that remain, in these books McKnight and Boersma seek to foster understanding between their disciplines so they might once again serve hand in hand.

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  • 50 Zappiest Bible Stories


    So, who is the Holy Spirit, and how often does He show up? From Creation to Revelation, the Holy Spirit is at work throughout the whole Bible. Dip into 50 stories of God zapping’ all kinds of people in amazing ways – from a baby in the womb, to an old man in the temple, to Jesus at His baptism! Read about prophets, a pillar of cloud and the story of Pentecost, and explore how God reveals Himself through His Holy Spirit.

    Writer and illustrator Andy Robb, presents Bible stories to children in an unforgettable way, with the aim of sparking in them an enthusiasm to get to know God’s Word more and more. Using colourful cartoons and his distinctive style of storytelling,

    Andy brings fifty zappy Bible stories to life. He ends each story with a cliff-hanger and a question, encouraging readers to look up and discover the endings for themselves in the Bible.

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  • 52 Key Bible Stories Pamphlet


    Here is a wonderful introduction to 52 Bible stories for adults and youth who want to know the basics of the Christian faith. Each story entry provides the key theme and synopsis, as well as an invitation to explore these stories in the Bible. A great tool for discipleship, small groups with new believers, and an evangelistic tool for unchurched people. Seasoned believers will also find the brief summaries of the stories helpful to encourage their faith. In our culture, TV and movies have often rewritten these stories and changed the message. Help people find the real story of God’s love and mercy.
    14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

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  • 70 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know


    The basic message of the Bible can be understood in any language. At the same time, many biblical texts are hard to understand because they don’t quite make sense when translated into English. Something is missing. Quite frequently, what readers miss has been lost in translation. Maybe there is a pun or wordplay in the original. Sometimes names like Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Eden just seem like names to us but have meanings that are essential to the story. Many Hebrew words have multiple meanings, but the English translators have to just pick one (for example, the same Hebrew word can mean both hear and obey). Even more common are Hebrew words that have much wider meanings than their English translations. A few examples are the Hebrew words rendered as remember, covenant, walk, gates, love, cleanliness, holiness, glory, wisdom, and fear. The original language allows various parts to click together like well-constructed puzzle pieces. With Hebrew in mind, interpreters see new details they didn’t realize were missing before. They make new connections. They immerse themselves in scripture more fully. That’s where this book comes in. Learning a language is like learning a worldview. Those who learn Biblical Hebrew can better understand not only what biblical authors wrote, but also how they thought. Unfortunately, those insights come only after years of study. This book is about getting right to the important, exciting insights. It’s an opportunity to be transformed by the renewing of our minds as we better understand how biblical authors used their language to express their experience of God and the world. If you are just beginning to study Hebrew and want the insights and motivation to continue or if you have no intention of learning biblical Hebrew but want to better understand the Bible, this book is for you!

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  • Acts : A Visual Guide


    While Kevin DeYoung preached, Chris Ranson sketched. This book, composed entirely of hand-drawn illustrations, brings the book of Acts to life in front of your eyes. Each page contains an entire DeYoung sermon in visual form, allowing you to ‘see’ the communicated truths and concepts in a unique, compelling way. This exciting and engaging format is highly accessible to all.

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  • All The 2s Of The Bible


    Dr. Herbert Lockyer’s extraction of twin truths from the Bible provides preachers with a wealth of suggestions for creative sermon preparation.

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  • All The 3s Of The Bible


    A Wealth of Scriptural Symbolism and Truth in the Number 3

    The three-in-one nature of the Trinity…
    The three features of the priesthood…
    The three harvest fruits…
    The three glorious appearances…
    The three gifts of the Magi…
    The three tenses of salvation…
    The three crosses…
    The three phases of the risen Christ…
    The three witnesses in Revelation…
    And many more…

    Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer’s exhaustive study of the number three throughout Scripture is a great resource for pastors, Bible study and youth group leaders, Sunday school instructors, and for any believer who desires to delve deeper into Scripture. You’ll be amazed at the spiritual truths that can be unpacked by the biblical meanings of a simple number.

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  • Alleged Errors Of The Bible Abridged


    How many angels were at the empty tomb?
    Did God or Satan cause King David to sin?
    If the Bible is God’s Word, then why are there so many contradictions in it?

    Questions like these have been heard many times by those seeking to share their faith. The average believer may not always know the answer for every accusation made about the reliability of Scripture. After seeing a pamphlet circulating at a local parish listing several supposed self-contradictions in Scripture, John Haley made it his life’s work to address every known discrepancy or alleged biblical contradiction he could find. In this abridged version of Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible, Haley directly addresses these questions and many other misunderstandings of Scripture. Haley directly addresses the origin of Bible discrepancies, disagreements in doctrine regarding the nature of the triune God and of mankind, and then takes on historical references of people, places, and dates. By shedding light on these disputed passages and convincingly disproving the claims of skeptics, Haley lifts the mystery surrounding the Bible and instills confidence in the believer’s reliance on God’s written Word.

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  • Analytical Red Letter Chronology Of The Life Of Christ


    This study is for the student who wishes an uncluttered reference source, one free of distracting and often erroneous remarks, comments, personal judgments, etc.; one in which the footnotes lack faith ravaging references to supposed scribal errors, emendations, restorations, corrections, etc., in the Text or a supposed Synoptic problem (see Appendix A).

    Toward that end, a standard harmony of the Gospels has been constructed which will address this subject in a Scriptural and scholarly, yet easy to understand, manner. To obtain optimal direct comparison capability, the computer word processor has been fully utilized so that key words in a given Gospel narrative may be placed alongside the same wording in the other Gospel accounts (a feature which was impractical heretofore). The computer also facilitated the inclusion of red lettering for the words of Christ. For these reasons, this analytical harmony will prove advantageous as a study aid over previous works such as Kerr’s (1903) and Robertson’s (1922), long held as standard references in the field.

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  • Analytical Red Letter Harmony Of Four Gospels


    Return to the Historical Text (Authorized version)

    An alarming expose’ documenting the reasons for the differences between the modern translations of the Bible and the historical translations of the Bible such as the 1611 King James Bible, and other older Bible versions. Numerous illustrations of these significant differences are presented, and the myth that the differences in modern versions are mainly due to synonym choices and language changes is dispelled.

    The casting aside of the traditional Greek New Testament text which is the basis of the historic versions by Tyndale, Luther, Coverdale, and others is meticulously documented. Also carefully documented is the process which produced the radically different Greek text of the modern versions including an analysis of textual criticism. The completely unscientific basis of the methods of textual criticism are also exposed, and evidence that the traditional Greek text is actually much older than the newer critical text of the modern versions is presented. The work is carefully footnoted and includes a complete and comprehensive bibliography and index.

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  • Angels : What The Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host


    What does the Bible really tell us about the heavenly host?

    Everyone knows that angels have wings, usually carry harps, and that each of us has our own personal guardian angel, right? We all have some preconceptions about angels from movies, television shows, and other media, but you might be surprised to know that a lot of those notions aren’t based on anything from the Bible. If you read Luke 1:26-38 and imagine the angel Gabriel standing before Mary with neatly folded white wings, you’re not getting that picture from anything the Bible itself says.

    What the Bible really says about angels is overlooked or filtered through popular myths. This book was written to help change that. It’s a book about the loyal members of God’s heavenly host, and while most people associate them with the word angel, that’s just one of many terms the Bible uses for supernatural beings.

    In The Unseen Realm Michael Heiser opened the eyes of thousands to seeing the Bible through the supernatural worldview of the ancient world it was written in. In his latest book, Angels, Dr. Heiser reveals what the Bible really says about God’s supernatural servants. Heiser focuses on loyal, holy heavenly beings because the Bible has a lot more to say about them than most people suspect. Most people presume all there is to know about angels is what has been passed on in Christian tradition, but in reality, that tradition is quite incomplete and often inaccurate.

    Angels is not guided by traditions, stories, speculations, or myths about angels. Heiser’s study is grounded in the terms the Bible itself uses to describe members of God’s heavenly host; he examines the terms in their biblical context while drawing on insights from the wider context of the ancient Near Eastern world. The Bible’s view on heavenly beings begins with Old Testament terms but then moves into literature from the Second Temple period–Jewish writings from around the fifth century BC to the first century AD. This literature from the time between the Old Testament and the New Testament influenced the New Testament writers in significant ways. With that important background established, the book focuses on what the New Testament tells us about God’s holy ones. Finally, the book reflects on common misconceptions about angels and addresses why the topic is still important and relevant for Christians today.

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  • Anomalous Jew : Paul Among Jews Greeks And Romans


    Lively, well-informed portrait of the complex figure who was the apostle Paul

    Though Paul is often lauded as the first great Christian theologian and a champion for Gentile inclusion in the church, in his own time he was universally regarded as a strange and controversial person. In this book Pauline scholar Michael Bird explains why.

    An Anomalous Jew presents the figure of Paul in all his complexity with his blend of common and controversial Jewish beliefs and a faith in Christ that brought him into conflict with the socio-religious scene around him. Bird elucidates how the apostle Paul was variously perceived – as a religious deviant by Jews, as a divisive figure by Jewish Christians, as a purveyor of dubious philosophy by Greeks, and as a dangerous troublemaker by the Romans. Readers of this book will better understand the truly anomalous shape of Paul’s thinking and worldview.

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  • Attributes Of God 1


    Often quoted by Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, Billy Graham and other great preachers, A. W. Tozer’s words are being heard and read by millions today words like: Origin is a creature word… All things have an origin. But when you come back to God, you come back to the One who has not origin. He is the Cause of all things, the uncaused Cause. God is Transcendent. You’ll never find Him on your own… He is far away in one sense, but in another He is as near as your heartbeat, for the cross has brdiged the gulf. If there is anything God could learn, it would mean that God didn’t know it before. If he didn’t know it before, then He didn’t know everything, He wouldn’t be perfect, and if He isn’t perfect then He isn’t God. The chapters of this book were originally preached as sermons at Avenue Road Church in Toronto, ON. Whether spoken or written, Tozer’s words were designed to promote personal heart religion among God’s people.

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  • Attributes Of God Volume 2 With Study Guide


    The Attributes of God Volume 2: Deeper Into the Father’s Heart, speaks to God’s Self-Existence, Transcendence, Eternalness, Omnipotence, Immutability, Omniscience, Wisdom, Sovereignty, Faithfulness, and Love. A.W. Tozer writes urgently in his introduction to this second volume of The Attributes of God. Nothing less than this will save us.
    Originally preached as sermons to the Avenue Road congregation in Toronto, this study of ten more attributes of God restores our knowledge of who God is.

    A study guide has been added for an in depth look at each attribute.

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  • Becoming A Titus 2 Woman (Anniversary)


    It has been 17 years that this book has challenged mature Christian women to mentor younger wives and mothers. Perhaps this endurance is because young women today yearn for the friendship and counsel of one who has lived though the challenges of life and remained strong in her relationship with Jesus Christ. This expanded version includes valuable Appendices that will give the mentoring relationship eternal significance. It is still popular as an individual study or in small groups.

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  • Becoming The People Of God


    How do Christ followers celebrate unity in the midst of diversity? How do we become the people of God in more than name only? A unifying Christ-centeredness demands living out kingdom values and bearing witness to transformation in and through a multitude of cultural manifestations. We struggle to serve, worship, and witness in the midst of this age-old challenge. This collection of perspectives come from settings where the good news of Jesus has not been the dominant historical norm. All contributors in this volume are practitioners. They have a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage and important moral values found in Buddhist contexts. We believe these chapters hold valuable lessons that speak to all of the family of faith. Here you will find a wide range of topics and approaches that address what it means to become the global body of believers. These can speak to you wherever you are called to participate with God’s work in the world. Christ followers are in the process of becoming what will one day culminate in a huge and starling celebration of people from all of God’s beloved creation. If you are interested in hearing from those discovering what that might look like outside traditional packaging, this book is for you. Book jacket.

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  • Beginning Of The End Of The Devil


    Does the devil exist? Does he have any strength? If so, where can we expect him to show up? Have you ever asked yourself, Why do I have so many barriers and obstacles in my life? The Beginning of The End of The Devil answers these questions.

    This enlightening book gives readers an insightful look into the spirit which we call the devil. In it, the author defines the devil, gets to the bottom of his tactics, and reveals his future. Learn the truth about the devil and discover that his only influence is the power of suggestion.

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  • Believers Bible Commentary


    Make Bible study a part of your daily life with the thorough, yet easy-to-use, Believer’s Bible Commentary. William MacDonald tackles the controversial issues head-on, taking a theologically conservative stand, yet presenting alternate views with fairness. The Believer’s Bible Commentary is a friendly guide to exploring the deeper meanings of every biblical book. This new edition includes 14 pages of 4-color maps of the Holy Land and other study helps.

    *Nelson’s best-selling Bible commentary
    *Balanced approach to linguistic studies and useful application
    *Easy to understand
    *14 pages of 4-color maps
    *Use with any Bible translation
    *Best used with the New King James version of the Bible. The New King James keeps the style and accuracy of the King James but has up-to-date English.

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  • Beyond Suffering Study Guide With CD (Student/Study Guide)


    Created by the Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability, Beyond Suffering is a comprehensive course that gives an overview of the theological and practical underpinnings of the disability ministry movement. It will equip you to think critically, compassionately and clearly about the complex issues that impact people with disabilities and their families and to confidently bring them the love of Christ.

    Soft cover, 291 pages. Includes CD-ROM.

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  • Bible : The Bible Made Easy


    The Bible is the best-selling book in history, but it can also be hard to understand. The Smart Guide to the Bible: The Bible guides you through all 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, so you can see both the big picture and the Divine details that support and carry forth God’s master plan. From In the beginning to the final Amen you will gain the knowledge, confidence, and clarifications you’ve always wanted about God’s words to you.

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  • Bible 360 : Total Engagement With The Word Of God


    God’s Word gives life, but how do we partake of all it offers? Discover ten profound and highly practical ways to engage with God in the Bible, using every part of your being as you read it, meditate on it, study it, live it, write it, pray it, sing it, proclaim it, teach it, and remember it.

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  • Bible Basics For Everyone


    Getting the most out of Bible reading time just got easier. This handy guide is small in size but big on information. Author Terry Glaspey addresses the top questions people have about the Bible, presents a 90-day reading plan, and eases the intimidation factor as he shares:
    * verses for comfort, peace, and grace
    * 7 ways Scripture helps us know God
    * a 5-minute synopsis of the entire Bible
    * 8 tools to get the most out of each reading
    * 66 one-page summaries of each book of the Bible

    For avid Bible readers or those curious about the bestselling book of all time, this portable resource opens up the wonder, power, and message of the Bible in new ways.

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  • Bible From 30000 Feet


    An Eye-Opening and Engaging Guide to the Bible

    Enjoy the magnificent panorama of Scripture like never before! Pastor Skip Heitzig shares a FLIGHT plan for all 66 books of the Bible to help you better understand the context and significance of each. You’ll discover…
    *Facts-about the author and the date the book was written
    *Landmarks-a summary of the highlights of the book
    *Itinerary-a specific outline of the book divided by themes
    *Gospel-how to see Jesus within the book’s pages
    *History-a brief glimpse at the cultural setting for the book
    *Travel Tips-guidelines for navigating the book’s truths

    Each chapter also includes an in flight narrative of events to draw you in and give you a unique aerial view of the accounts in God’s Word.

    If you have ever found yourself getting lost and wandering from verse to verse in Scripture, put yourself back on track with the clear perspective offered in The Bible from 30,000 Feet.

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  • Bible In The Light Of Our Redemption


    Written by beloved Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon, this challenging study course covers the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, highlighting the long view of God’s unfolding plan of redemption. Appropriate for groups or individuals, both the new believer and the mature Christian, it lays out the legal claim for who and what we are in Christ. This course will build your faith and challenge you to a deeper walk with our Redeemer.

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