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  • 1 2 3 Hide And Seek Jesus


    Where is Jesus? He can’t be found anywhere. He really has found the best hiding place ever. Not to worry, though-Mama has an idea of where he might be.

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  • 1 Baby Jesus


    Experience the events of the first Christmas Day with this playful twist on The Twelve Days of Christmas, featuring one Baby Jesus, three Wise Men, eight angels, and more.This sweet and colorful board book offers a

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  • 1 Big Story Bible Storybook


    Give kids the big picture of God’s story with this innovative, interactive Bible storybook. It includes 145 stories with four-color illustrations, a Christ Connection feature showing kids how God’s plan for salvation through Jesus appears throughout the Bible, and a free augmented reality app that remarkably brings the art and story to life both visually (in 3D) and audibly.

    This B&H Kids book includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book’s message with their child. We’re all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God’s Word.

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  • 1 Boy One Stone One God


    Developed for children age five to nine, Arch Books are known for their biblical and historical accuracy. Each 16 page Bible story book uses simple poetry and language to present children with a clear Gospel connection. A letter to parents is included and offers background to the Bible story and suggestions for its application.

    This Arch Book tells the story of David and Goliath as revealed in 1 Samuel.

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  • 1 Corinthians : Discern The Difference Between Mans Knowledge And Gods Wisd


    In first-century Greece, a fledgling church was struggling to live out their new faith in a corrupt culture. The congregation at Corinth was mired in contradiction, heralding the power of spiritual gifts and knowledge, yet foolishly engaging in sinful behavior. This troubled church inspired the apostle Paul to write one of his most extraordinary letters.

    The Wiersbe Bible Study Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s Word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular BE series of commentaries, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups or individuals, this eight-week study explores Paul’s call for wisdom in the life of the believer, a truth that remains as relevant as ever.

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  • 1 Corinthians Everyday Bible Commentary


    Divisions, immorality, marital strife, spiritual gifts, money, wisdom, folly, and holiness-these may have been Corinthian problems first, but we need Paul’s wisdom just as much today. But it can be confusing to read 1 Corinthians on our own. What we need is a guide-someone who can explain what’s going on in the world outside the letter and bring to life Paul’s words of exhortation. This is what the best preachers do, but you don’t have to wait until Sunday’s sermon. Encounter the beautiful depth of 1 Corinthians through an enlightening verse-by-verse commentary from Robert R. Hughes that’s both straightforward and insightful. You’ll gain:
    *Important historical and cultural background
    *Insights from the original languages
    *Help with the difficult passages
    *And more!

    You don’t have to go to seminary to encounter God in exciting, new ways through His Word. Discover how much more enjoyable your personal study will be with understandable, quality Bible commentary for everyday life.

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  • 1 Faithful Life


    From Dr. John MacArthur, author of the bestselling One Perfect Life, a compelling new look at the world-changing ministry of the apostle Paul.

    In One Faithful Life, you’ll encounter in a new way the life and writings of the apostle Paul. Weaving together Paul’s writings to the early church against the background of the Gospels and the dramatic story of Paul’s life as told in the book of Acts, One Faithful Life brings into vivid focus not only Paul’s biography, but also the circumstances and context underlying the epistles that make up most of the New Testament. Pairing Scripture text from the beautiful and trustworthy New King James Version with Dr. MacArthur’s section introductions and verse-by-verse explanations, One Faithful Life presents a powerful and encouraging vision of a life devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Features include:
    –A complete harmony of Paul’s life and writings, yielding insights about the early church and the spread of the gospel
    –Verse-by-verse explanations, section introductions, and commentary from trusted Bible teacher John MacArthur
    –New King James Version

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  • 1 Gospel For All Nations


    The Bible tells us what to believe–the gospel. Did you know it also shows how to contextualize the gospel? In One Gospel for All Nations, Jackson Wu does more than talk about principles. He gets practical. When the biblical writers explain the gospel, they consistently use a pattern that is both firm and flexible. Wu builds on this insight to demonstrate a model of contextualization that starts with interpretation and can be applied in any culture. In the process, he explains practically why we must not choose between the Bible and culture. Wu highlights various implications for both missionaries and theologians. Contextualization should be practical, not pragmatic; theological, not theoretical.

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  • 1 John : Turning From Hypocrisy To Truth


    A religious climate filled with false teachings. Christians whose lives don’t line up with their words. A seductive world that distorts the truth. Sound familiar? These issues have challenged believers since the early church. The book of 1 John examines what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. This study examines themes that are relevant to every believer, and encourages us to be real in our faith, our words, and our lifestyle.

    The Wiersbe Bible Studies Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s Word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular BE series, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups, this eight-week study features selected commentaries from Be Real, engaging questions, and practical applications, all designed to help you connect God’s word with your life.

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  • 1 John : Walking In The Fullness Of God’s Love


    In this in-depth study of the book of 1 John, Wendy Blight shares the unique insights and wisdom of the last disciple to walk with Jesus. Wendy wrote this book for every woman longing to live out God’s unconditional love. Her teaching compels you to walk in the fullness of God’s love-because His love truly changes everything!

    This study will help you:
    *Develop a more intimate understanding of God’s love
    *Transform your attitude and actions into reflections of God
    *Identify and discern God’s truth from false teaching
    *Confront barriers keeping you from experiencing God’s complete love
    *Boldly and confidently walk as a woman loved

    Includes biblical and historical background insights, practical application, group discussion questions, and a memory verse for each week. This study may be completed individually or with a small group.

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  • 1 Kings : Being Good Stewards Of God’s Gifts


    When King David died, he left behind a peaceful kingdom that was following God. Most of the subsequent kings and prophets, however, failed to obey God, and so the nation suffered under exile and oppression.This book of 1 Kings reminds us that moral responsibility in leadership is needed today as much as it was needed in the age of Israel’s kings. This study will challenge you to take ownership of your habits and choices, with eternity in mind.

    The Wiersbe Bible Study Series delivers practical, in-depth guides to selected books of the Bible. Featuring insights from Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s Be Responsible commentary, this eight-week study includes engaging questions and practical applications that will help you connect God’s Word with your life.

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  • 1 Little Lie


    It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth.

    Book one in a gripping new series from USA TODAY bestselling romantic suspense author Colleen Coble.

    When Jane Hardy is appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires, there’s no time for an adjustment period. He is arrested for theft and then implicated in a recent murder, and Jane quickly realizes she’s facing someone out to destroy her father.

    They escaped from a cult fifteen years ago, and Jane has searched relentlessly for her mother–who refused to leave–ever since. Could someone from that horrible past have found them?

    Reid Bechtol is a well-known journalist who makes documentaries, and his sights are currently set on covering Jane’s career. Jane has little interest in the attention, but the committee who appointed her loves the idea of the publicity.

    Jane finds herself depending on Reid’s calm manner as he follows her around taping his documentary, and they begin working together to clear her father. But Reid has his own secrets from the past, and the gulf between them may be impossible to cross.

    It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth.

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  • 1 Minds Eye


    What if a virtual reality was all you had ever known?

    On the planet Antar, Llyn Torfinn awakes to reality as if for the first time, with no memory of the real world. The human settlers found her abandoned, hooked into a VR machine, and wasting away. Physically and mentally, she must learn how to live in a system at war with alien threats at every turn.

    The humans of the Concord worlds are rebuilding their civilization ravaged by the alien Devastators, who disappeared as abruptly as they attacked. As they struggle through the recovery process, the threat of another war of humans against humans arises, carrying with it rumors of an enemy even more potent than the last.

    Humanity’s last hope lies in a young woman who doesn’t even know who she is. Llyn’s greatest challenge may be to discover her own identity–or all of humankind may pay the price.

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  • 1 Minute Bible Guide


    Want a better grasp of scripture?

    The 1-Minute Bible Guide offers just that!

    This easy-to-read guide covers more than 1,250 of the most important elements of God’s
    Word, within seven overall categories:
    *Names of God
    *Figures of Speech

    Each entry includes
    *a representative verse
    *a concise description you can read and digest in 60 seconds or less
    *and, as a bonus, additional references if you want to dig deeper!

    You’ll learn why each person, place, thing, or idea plays an important role in the larger story of the Bible–the ultimate story of God’s love for humanity.

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  • 1 Minute Bible Guide 180 Key Names Of God


    Want a better grasp of scripture?

    The 1-Minute Bible Guides offer just that!

    This easy-to-read guide covers the 180 most important names and titles of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, offering:
    *a representative verse
    *a concise description you can read and digest in 60 seconds or less
    *and, as a bonus, additional references if you want to dig deeper!

    Over the course of the entries–read straight through or one per day like a devotional–you’ll gain a clearer view of the all-powerful, all-loving, all-amazing God we serve:
    *Abba, Father
    *The Bright and Morning Star
    *Christ Crucified
    *The Dwelling Place
    *Everlasting God
    *and scores of others!

    You’ll learn how each individual title plays an important role in the larger story of the Bible–the ultimate story of God’s love for humanity.

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  • 1 Minute Bible Guide 180 Key People


    Want a better grasp of scripture?

    The 1-Minute Bible Guides offer just that!

    This easy-to-read guide covers the 180 most important people of God’s Word, offering:
    *a representative verse
    *a concise description you can read and digest in 60 seconds or less
    *and, as a bonus, additional references if you want to dig deeper!

    Over the course of the entries-read straight through or one per day like a devotional-you’ll gain a clearer view of who’s who in the Bible:
    *Aaron, Abel, and Abigail
    *Balaam, Barnabas, and Bathsheba
    *Caiaphas, Cain, and Cyrus
    *Daniel, David, and Dorcas
    *and scores of others!

    You’ll learn why each individual plays an important role in the larger story of the Bible-the ultimate story of God’s love for humanity.

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  • 1 Minute Bible Promises


    Barbour’s Bible Promise Books are perennial bestsellers, with millions of copies sold. And now, this lovely, one-minute volume–created just for you–features an inspiring scriptural theme for every day of the year and touches on topics like Wisdom, Faith, Prayer, Encouragement, Love, Joy, and more. Each scripture speaks directly to your heart, drawing you ever closer to your heavenly Father. Scripture selections are complemented by a brief devotion and prayer, for a refreshing blend of Bible promises and encouragement!

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  • 1 Minute Devotions


    One Minute Devotions is designed for the twenty-first century person who has too much to do and too little time to do it. In sixty seconds Richard Exley will give you a life changing spiritual thought, a relevant verse of scripture, and a sentence prayer that is refreshingly transparent. The insights and inspiration from each devotion will enrich the life of a new Christ follower or a mature believer. One minute to read but food for a week.

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  • 1 Minute Devotions Day By Day With God


    Day by Day with God is a compilation of 366 devotions, supported by encouraging Scripture verse. For each day of the year, Scripture verse is followed by a short reflection, and ends with a prayer. Revitalize your love for the Lord with the help of this stunning volume, which features: a luxleather cover with spot varnish and gold foiled title; gold gilt-edged pages; an attached ribbon page marker and a presentation page for gift-giving.

    Originally published under the title: Experiencing God Every Day of the Year Perpetual Calendar by Henry T. Blackaby and Claude V. King, who also, together wrote Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, which has sold millions of copy worldwide.

    Gold Gilt-Edged Pages
    Luxleather Foiled Cover
    Attached Ribbon Page Marker
    Full-Color Insides
    Presentation Page for Gift-Giving

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  • 1 Minute Devotions For Boys


    366 daring devotions especially for eight to twelve-year-old boys.

    Ribbon marker
    Padded front cover

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  • 1 Minute Devotions For Mothers Perpetual Calendar


    The uplifting collection of encouraging thoughts is a delightful pick-me-up for any mom. With 366 days of inspiration, this DayBrightener offers a refreshing way to start each day reminded of God’s love – and His strength in our weakness – while taking on the rewards and challenges that come with motherhood.

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  • 1 Minute Devotions For Young Women


    One-Minute Devotions for Young Women is especially for faith-filled twenty-something young women who are navigating the exhilarating and sometimes scary journey between college and job promotions, being single and marrying Mr. Right. With practical advice and heartfelt encouragement from Scripture, Mallory Larsen provides valuable insights on living in a way that glorifies God and is of service to others. The pretty and portable volume features a padded hardcover binding with spot varnish and silver foiled title and accents, an attached ribbon page marker and a presentation page for gift-giving.

    Mallory Larsen received her master’s degree in Theology and Culture from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Mallory is the daughter of well-known Christian author Carolyn Larsen.

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  • 1 Minute Devotions From The Heart


    From the Heart of beloved poet, Helen Steiner Rice, to you, From the Heart: One-Minute Devotions is a collection of 366 beautiful excerpts from her poems. Coupled with Scripture verse and a practical application, you are sure to feel inspired as you meditate on the greatness of the Lord. The portable devotional features a luxleather foiled cover; gilt-edged pages; an attached ribbon page marker and a presentation page for gift-giving.

    Helen Steiner Rice (May 19, 1900 – April 23, 1981) was an American writer of religious and inspirational poetry. Helen Steiner Rice poetry still speaks powerfully to the hearts of millions about love and loss, faith and hope, sadness and joy. Helen believed that she and her many admirers were linked in a human chain of love around the world – a chain that remains unbroken to this day.

    400 Gilt-Edged Pages
    Luxleather binding
    Foiled Title
    Attached Ribbon Page Marker
    Full-Color Illustrations
    Presentation Page for Gift-Giving

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  • 1 Minute Devotions Morning By Morning


    Morning by Morning has long been a favorite devotional because of the simple yet profound, practical and deeply spiritual insights from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The 366 succinct devotions will inspire and enrich today’s busy readers in a wonderful way. This delightful, compact volume features: a luxleather foiled cover; gilt-edged pages; an attached ribbon page marker and a presentation page for gift-giving.

    Gilt-Edged Pages
    Gold Foiled Title
    Attached Ribbon Page Marker
    Full-Color Illustrations
    Presentation Page for Gift-Giving

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For A Womans Year


    Spend Each Day in His Presence

    Your daily calendar can fill up quickly with events, obligations, chores, and checklist items, leaving little time to nurture your spirit and talk to the One who brings rest and renewal to your soul.

    These 365 short, powerful prayers are specially selected to help you invite God in and allow Him to speak into your life regarding:
    *Anticipation and hope
    *Truth and love
    *Confidence and inspiration
    *Trust and faith
    *Comfort and presence
    *Purpose and fulfillment
    *Relationships and connection
    *Healing and shelter
    *Help and encouragement
    *Praise and dependence
    *Plans and prayers

    Discover the difference a minute can make in your day, every day of your year.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For Girls


    Encourage Her to Pray Effectively

    Help girls, ages 8-12, understand prayer is more than just what they do before dinner or bedtime. It is an everyday, anytime, ongoing conversation that will enrich their lives and draw them closer to their loving Father.

    This unique prayer book, the latest in the bestselling One-Minute Prayers(R) series (over 1,000, 000,000 copies sold) will teach girls to pray more creatively and open their eyes to how many different things they can talk to God about.

    Make a difference in a girl’s life, one minute and one prayer at a time.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For Graduates


    Receive God’s Grace and Direction for Your Future

    Congratulations are in order and so are these quick and conversational prayers to inspire and encourage you at home, on the job, at school, or wherever you may go. Lift your cares up to God as you pray about
    *making wise choices
    *adapting to change
    *discovering new opportunities
    *experiencing true success
    *achieving life balance

    …and much more.

    As you enter a new season in your life, remember the Lord is with you on every step of your exciting journey!

    One-Minute Prayers(R) for Graduates makes an ideal gift to bless the special student in your life.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For Hope And Comfort


    Encouraging Words When You Need Them Most

    Are you journeying through unexpected changes, personal struggles, or heavy-hearted days? Whatever you are going through today and no matter how you feel right now, you can experience God’s hope and provision in healing prayers written especially for times like these.

    Through Scripture and personal prayers, One-Minute Prayers(R) for Hope and Comfort offers encouragement for tough times and reconnects you to the heart of God and His great love for you. Every day you encounter God just as you are, you’ll experience the:
    *relief of giving your burdens over to His capable hands
    *healing of resting in His loving presence
    *peace of being known by the One who knows all you need

    When words are hard to come by, these simple and soulful prayers lift up deep desires and daily needs and lead you to God’s abundant care and lavish grace.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For Moms


    Mom, Come Rest for a Moment

    You’ve heard His invitation, haven’t you?

    Come to Me today. Your heart craves to be held by the one who made it. This is a minute that will lead to a full eternity as I see you, love you, and remind you of My grace.

    Enter into the presence of God with these tender prayers for protection, direction, patience, joy, and more. Each page will…
    *bathe your weary mind in Scripture
    *surround your stressed soul with wisdom
    *warm your worn heart with comfort

    Every mom-minute matters. Entrust your worries and hopes for your children and yourself to God as you find shelter in His welcoming arms.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For Wives


    The joys and demands of a marriage give women much to pray about each day. These topical prayers offer wives an opportunity to:
    *love their husbands with God’s love
    *strengthen their personal, devotional journey
    *gather God’s Word to their hearts for support
    *spiritually encourage Christian and non-Christian husbands
    *place their hope and faith in God’s plan

    This collection of prayers perfect for busy schedules becomes a devotional celebration and exploration of the gift of marriage God has for every couple.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers For Young Women Deluxe Edition (Deluxe)


    Prayers That Help Girls Grow Up to Be Women Who Love God

    Do you want your teenage daughter to develop a dynamic faith and become the woman God has created her to be? Praying is a great way for her to start.

    Author Hope Lyda will encourage your daughter to spend time talking to God each day, develop a love for Him and His Word, and discover her true identity in Christ. These short yet powerful devotions and prayers affirm biblical values and create a firm foundation your child can build on as she grows toward young adulthood.

    Your daughter will learn how to…
    *Pray effectively
    *Trust God with her hopes and dreams
    *Make good decisions about friends and boys
    *See herself as God does
    *Put her faith into action
    *Give of herself and her time
    *Walk and speak in truth and love
    *…and so much more.

    Discover the difference a minute can make in your daughter’s life with this imitation leather gift edition of One Minute Prayers(R) for Young Women.

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  • 1 Minute With The Men Of The Bible


    Discover How God Can Use Men Just Like You

    Start or end your day with powerful one-minute reminders of how God can work in your life–as seen through in the lives of men in the Bible. You’ll find encouragement for your own faith journey as you meet…

    Abraham, who modeled obedience to God Daniel, who made a habit of prayer Jonathan, who was a loyal friend John the Baptist, who was a bold messenger Jesus, who was the ultimate example and a true servant

    Through these examples and more, you’ll learn how God will stand with, help, and provide for you–and you’ll grow more and more aware of His amazing love for you.

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  • 1 More River To Cross


    Based on true events, this compelling survival story by award-winning novelist Jane Kirkpatrick is full of grit and endurance. Beset by storms, bad timing, and desperate decisions, 8 women, 17 children, and one man must outlast winter in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1844.

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  • 1 More Tomorrow


    Katie Banks is still waiting to get over the hurt inflicted by a past love. Not even Justin Burke, her university classmate, has been able to erase the hurt Aiden Ford inflicted, or weaken Katie’s resolve to never date a man who doesn’t share her faith. Will the walls Katie’s built to protect herself keep love a distant dream?

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  • 1 New Man Bible Companion Volume 1 (Student/Study Guide)


    Commentary and Study Guide

    This exhaustive commentary by Rev. William Morford, translator and editor of the One New Man Bible covers more than two-hundred indexed subjects in eleven chapters, including the nature of God, covenant, the Hebrew and Greek languages, religious myths, biblical word meanings, teachings, Jewish roots, repentance and the Patriarchs.

    Also included are biblical weights and measures, Hebrew months, and a map of the united kingdom in the days of David and Solomon.

    At more than 91,000 words and 242 pages this companion to the One New Man Bible, will serve as a useful and constant guide in your Bible study for years to come.

    From the Foreword by Thomas A. McRae:
    The Body Of Christ, known today as the Church, desperately needs a transforming work of the Spirit of Truth in our midst – the truth of God’s inspired Word that’s free from distorted doctrine and ‘religious philosophy.’

    Under God’s gracious direction, Bill Morford has done a great service to the Saints with the writing of this Companion. The One New Man Bible, with its more than 4,000 footnotes; along with this supplement, is a tremendous help for clearing up much miss-interpretation, miss-understanding, miss-aligned applications and conclusions of Biblical texts. Biblical terms which have been miss-understood by much of the Community of Believers are now made clear and understandable. It offers to us a more accurate knowledge of God’s inspired message to humanity.

    Within these pages you will find a treasure of knowledge and understanding of the whole Bible and, hopefully, a renewed love for the Truth of God’s Word. It is one thing to read about truth, but quite another to understand it correctly for a righteous walk of faith. Consider this material to be a magnifying glass which exposes distortions imposed by religious tradition, compromise and a limited defining of Biblical terms. It is also a ‘light’ shining into our hearts to bring us fuller knowledge of Truth; for it is our knowing the Truth that sets us free and experiencing Truth that makes us and keeps us free, indeed.

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  • 1 Night In Bethlehem


    A touch-and-feel board book that celebrates the birth of Jesus!

    The narrator of this sweet Christmas board book considers various perspectives on the Nativity, from a spotted cow in the stable to a wise man bearing gifts, and envisions what a child would do in each place. Textures, from the little lamb’s wool to the glittery star of Bethlehem, will let children feel as well as see the events of the first Christmas.

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  • 1 O Clock Miracle


    Second in the new Tales that Tell the Truth series comes The One O’clock Miracle.

    Based on the healing of the official’s son in John chapter 4, this wonderful storybook will teach children about the instant power of the words of Jesus, and that they should trust Jesus because he is God’s Son.

    Stunningly illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, author and illustrator of several bestselling children’s books, including Monty’s Christmas, as well as the first two storybooks from The Good Book for Children, Alby’s Amazing Book and The Christmas Promise.

    Written by Alison Mitchell, author of The Christmas Promise and several of our children’s tracts.

    This book is perfect for children aged 3-6 years old and makes a beautiful gift.

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  • 1 Percent Better


    Chris Nikic, the first person with Down syndrome to every complete an IRONMAN triathlon, inspires others to achieve their goals by getting better 1% at a time.

    If you have read only one article about Chris Nikic, you were likely hooked and wanted to read more. This inspiring young man, who in November 2020 became the first person with Down syndrome to complete an IRONMAN (and verified by Guinness World Records), has become famous. All across the globe, people followed his pursuit and cheered him on, but in this book Chris and his father, Nik, will give the how-to behind his success-getting better 1% at a time-which is something everyone can do in any area of their lives.

    My mission is to honor God by being the best me I can be so I can be an example to others, states Chris. I want to change the perceptions and raise expectations for others like me so we can reach our God-given potential. 1% Better, Chris and Nik share the motivating principles that can be applied by anyone trying to realize a dream and reach their full potential-whether they are young or old, in shape or out of shape, and even if living with a disability.

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  • 1 Samuel : Attaining Wealth That Money Cant Buy


    We all want to achieve certain goals in our careers, relationships, and finances. But how do we pursue our dreams without getting lost in our desires? Based on Wiersbe’s Be Successful commentary, this exploration of 1 Samuel follows King David’s life to illustrate that true success is found through developing good character traits, conduct, and lifestyle.

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  • 1 Season Of Hope


    Bestselling author Jim Stovall’s latest offering and first title of his Homecoming Historical Series, One Season of Hope, is a rare combination of tear-jerking emotion, powerful wisdom, and inspiring hope. Written in Stovall’s signature easy and economical style, the story is told through the perspective of Glen Fullerton, a man for the last forty-two years in the Truman High universe, simply known as Coach.

    Welcome to the Friday night lights of Harry S. Truman High School football stadium. Coach knows the roller-coaster ride of a high school football season better than anyone. But this season is different than any he has experienced in all his years of coaching. It is one of life-changing suspense and gripping lessons in the value of humanity.

    Regular, reflective conversations with the late President Truman give guidance, mined from the coach’s love and study of history, to help him through the most challenging season of his long and storied career at Truman High-a season that he will forever remember as One Season of Hope.

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