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  • NVI NIV Spanish English Bible


    This bilingual Bible contains a side-by-side treatment of the English New International Version (NIV) and Spanish Nueva Version Internacional (NVI) translations. Excellent for evangelism, travelers, and newcomers to either language who enjoy reading God’s Word. Black leather-look cover. Includes concordance, glossary, and table of weights and measures.

    * Table of contents by Bible order and Alphabetic order
    * A limited Bible Dictionary and Concordance, Glossary, and Weights & Measures Table are also included in the back.

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  • RVR 1960 KJV Bilingual Bible Large Print


    Esta Biblia bilingüe combina toda la elegancia de la Reina-Valera 1960 con la belleza poética de la versión en inglés King James.Características* Palabras de Cristo en rojo* Edición con índice en español* El plan de salvación* Página de presentación* Historia de los apóstoles* Qué leer cuando…* Cinta marcadora (excepto en tapa dura)This bilingual Bible combines all the elegance of the Reina-Valera 1960 and the poetic beauty of the King James version.Features* Words of Christ in red* Index edition features Spanish tabs* Plan of salvation* Presentation page* The apostles and their history* Where to turn when…* Ribbon marker (not in hardcover) 

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  • RVR60 NIV Bilingual Bible


    This new Bilingual Bible with two popular versions in Spanish and English will help you study the Bible in both languages in a much easier way. Full text of the King James 1960. Full text of the New International Version.

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  • Spanish English Parallel Bible RVR ESV


    The ESV Spanish/English Parallel Bible honors the diversity and relevance of God’s Word in a way that is ideal for Spanish and English speakers, as well as for bilingual readers. Two columns of Scripture are positioned on each page: the Reina-Valera 1960 Spanish text on the left, and the ESV English language text on the right. The ESV Spanish/English Parallel Bible also features textual notes for both translations, and is now available in portable hardcover and paperback editions. Double-column, verse-by-verse layout with Spanish and English side by side Black letter text Textual notes in both languages

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